Why am I starting a blog?


Here we go again! I’ve created another blog. “Another” because I used to manage a couple of blogs already. I shall force my mind to tell you how many exactly, so rather I count them using my fingers… ya3ni I list up my old blogs by typing:

1) Well… I could be about fifteen when my very first blog was created on a very simple Hungarian blogger site whose name was so random that I just don’t remember of it… It was made of a welcoming page and a dozen of gothic and emo articles that I had been interested in. Essentially, it provided me with my first virtual community where I started my trolling career… as well as with a bunch of skills in the field of HTML scripting if we’re looking for useful benefits. Haha.

2) – 3).. To cut it short, I had administration to several other no-name sites, meanwhile I started working on the google’s famous blogger website – simply blogger.xom.. On blogger, I’ve got two notable sites which are still alive; tho, they’re not really working… The one worked as a personal blog in which I left funny comments on my sarcastic relationship with the Hungarian society, while the other contains my poems written in Hungarian language.

To sum up… I confess, I used to have blogger sites to kill time with experience, to use my sarcasm in written form and… I think that’s all. Haha.

Well… About the question of ‘why I started blogging again?’
Actually, when I started writing the post, I decided that I will come up with some important cause why I am doing this… but overall, the former confession fits the ” A Bohemian Algerian ” blog, too. I just kill time and use my sarcasm in a written form. Haha.

But there is difference! Where?
Listen up… When I started to write my old blogs, I was concerned with computer science and was looking for experience from it… That doesn’t sound so interesting, I get it – Easy on me!
However! Now, I am a writer of short stories and poems that maybe doesn’t seem on the style since I use quite informal style here… Also, a writer’s days don’t seem more interesting as a geek’s; tho, I do have a life. I do live in order to write.  So as a writer, I feel it my duty to write about my environment and my special concepts about it. Especially, if this environment is as hot as Algeria, Algiers…

So, one of the many worth-mentioning causes why I started blogging is that… I feel eager to write! That’s the truth! I write because I like to write.. I write because I do have comment on things. I write because this is my life. Whatever becomes, whoever reads it, I am here, alive, writing…



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