Poem: It’s Algerie

A sarcastic poem about ourselves, Algerian. Enjoy the lines, I hope you’ll find the secret jokes characterizing our society. 😉

It’s Algerie

When a room has two beds,
But four men’s hard heads sleep on the ground,
It’s Algerie.

When there’s no place,
But everyone is sitting standing on the bus,
It’s Algerie.

When eight hours fulfill a workday,
But no task is fullfilled through days,
It’s Algerie.

When a man is rejecting to act,
But he says: I will do it In sha’ Allah,
It’s Algerie.

When your friend is having a nap,
But he says: Wait! There’s traffic jam,
It’s Algerie.

When the crowed faces the front,
But it’s said: let’s go forward to the back,
It’s Algerie.

When people seek to refugee,
But they would die for the country,
It’s Algerie.

When there’s hardship to face,
But we say: thanks, it’s Allah’s grace,
It’s Algerie.



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