Bled zkara ( The land of trollin’ )

I’ve heard so many times the expression of “bled zkara” in Algeria that literally means “country of trolling”. I’m not sure about the word “zkara”… It is a kinda conception whose meaning is a complex situation that can’t be translated easily… Just as the german expression of Schadenfreude (viz. ‘happiness for another’s misfortune’… there are languages having expressions used which ones are not used by others, so they are hardly translatable. Tho, I’ll try to describe the concept’s situation:

Imagine! Have you ever had that school mate who was sitting beside you quietly then suddenly he puts a dot into your notebook? This is a kind of “zkara”, but then you take revenge and you put a dot into his notebook similarly… Then, here comes the real “ZKARA” when he puts a whole line into your notebook.

And the war has begun.

Oh my God, how childish! Isn’t it?
Well, now imagine this situation played by grown-up adults. Hahaha
The policeman says: “don’t park here” -> “skara, I do”
The boss says: “we need to hurry, there’s only 15 minutes break” -> “skara, 45”
Dad says: “Be home at 8 p.m” -> “8 p.m?! Inshallah…” then, you know what will come…

At first, it may sound a very negative and bullying behaviour that is hardly imaginable with adults; however, Algeria is country of trollin’ alias “bled zkara”. Here, a friend trolls friends, a student trolls teachers and an office clerk troll the clients. Nevertheless! I found it funny! How? If you’d been in any other country out of Algeria, people would be mad and offended experiencing such trolling -and they would be totally right since how dare a stranger being so impolite?
However, in Algeria it goes in a funny way as something of common. Why? Because, we -Algerians- are a brotherhood. We are not strangers among us. We’re playing as siblings play among themselves:

I put out a bottle of juice while my brother sitting behind me. I ask him if he’d like to drink some juice. He says no. I pour a glass of juice to myself. I put back the bottle to the refrigerator.. I turn back.. My juice is gone with my brother. Waaaah!
“Zkara, I take yours.”

Haha. It is a real daily story.What I feel? Being bullied, harassed, offended? Never. I just got trolled by my brother whom I love; tho, ofc I’m angry and I will beat the breath out of him hahaha.9f8b130c6a410eed1a123ce95aaf6be1_true-story-bro-barney-quickmeme-true-story-bro-meme_546-513

This is the same with us, Algerians. Algeria is a Muslim brotherhood, we love each other, love our blood, love our bled… Even if it’s a bled zkara.


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