Program of Jumu’a

I wish Jumu’a mubaraka to everybody!

This is Friday that is the Muslim Sunday. Every Algerian is having a so-called “grosse-matiné” that means a long sleeping with a rich breakfast and with some couscous for lunch. 8dd1142750eeabd3d5ca4121b9844029

However, my Jumu’a is different a little bit from the major’s one. I wake up early for taking a shower, praying, starting to tide my room, the car and the garage. If, I have time I cook something or read a little bit.

Today, I’ve got a little maquette of Makkah that I set up with my little brother. It was an interesting time-killing over the morning. 😀


After building Makkah, we just walked to the next village for praying Salatul Jumu’a. The Iman talked about importance of Monotheism in terms of following starts andsuperfictious stuffs are Haram since the only obeyable being is Allah and the parents.

Well.. After Jumu’a, we just had a lunch, connected a little bit /that I am doing already/ and I’m about to prepare my mental capacity to the Final Exams (English Linguistics)…

Next week’s exam period is going to be posted here, Inshallah. Haha.Finals_are_coming_meme

“Life finds its balance. Children grow up. Second chances come along.In the meantime, I could choose to savor this moment. What good would it do to allow annoyance to interfere with gratitude?”
Katrina Kenison, The Gift of an Ordinary Day: A Mother’s Memoir


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