The Algerian Mali-boo Club

As representatives of the Malian government and various rebel groups meet in Algiers for peace talks, violence in northern Mali continues and so does the French military presence.

France launched its military intervention in Mali in January 2013 with the mandate to stop an uprising of various militant groups in the north, threatening the stability and sovereignty of the country. The goal was then to free the northern part of the country from jihadist occupation, bring back peace, and restore Malian sovereignty on the whole territory. Although France’s defence minister announced that the so-called “Operation Serval” had “fulfilled its mission”, Mali is hardly a peaceful place today. – Al Jazeera : The forgotten war ( 6 SEPTEMBER 2014 )


The former post is written by the AlJazeera in 2014, named as “The Forgotten War”. Although, the war is forgotten only by the media and by those whom interest is few concerning Mali… or its neighbors such as Algeria.
Indeed, as an Algerian in the capital, I daily experience the Malian war since the colour of Algiers has changed… It was called as “Alger le blanc” – Algiers the white… But one by one we can rename it Algiers the Black. And then, the famous meme from the Mean Girls movie will be invalide: “you are from africa why are you white” – we all’ll be black.Karen-If-youre-from-Africa-why-are-you-white

The presence of Malian refugees in Algeria is an everyday issue. The train coming from the country-side to the capital, going from the capital to the country-side, the train stations, the mosques and the roads everywhere are full of beggin mavericks.
Huge groups of strong youths and baby-armed women are wandering from station to station, having lunch on the ground from the alms that they collected during the day. How would you like a train-trip with a Malian woman in your face, breast-feeding her baby and saying “SADAKAFISABILA”? Or what about a smoke-smelling group of strong young people embracing you and saying “LALIALLALILALLA”…

559d896a7d0c4-full_croppedYou would be shocked on the Algerian tolerance and solidarity! Actually, the Malian issue is invisible among the Algerian people -despite of the black colour, haha. People day to day give alms to the beggers, and close their eyes about their presence. 1-2-3 Viva l’Alge… WAIT! 1-2-3 Viva Les Algeriens! Because the issue DOES exist; even if, we Algerians are so kind and open-minden muslims that we give place to the Malian refugees – they don’t need ONLY place!

Solution Alert! What Malian immagrants need? They need governmental support such as places to sleep (because they actually sleep under bridges in tents day to day), help as serving them food, giving them education and clothes to BE ABLE TO ASSIMILATE TO THE ALGERIAN SOCIETY!

Because -even if- they feel good in Algeria for now, the cultural void and the coming crisis will change the roles… Which roles? I dunno if Algerians or Malians are living more savagously.. Importance, we need a solution and it’s not SADAKAFISABILLA, nor the SENDING BACK TO THE SENDER option.


“There’s a need for accepting responsibility – for a person’s life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education.”
Buzz Aldrin


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