Top 3 Fail FLA – Bad Teachers

Top 3 Fail Foreign Language Acquisition
Bad Teachers


Top 3 Fail Foreign Language Acquisition alias how to ruin a second language teaching. You know, being a teacher is not an easy job. Keeping the class out of boredom, out of chaotic chit-chat, and giving them useful knowledge at the same time is a challenging mission. This is why Language Acquisition, Didactics and Teaching have become a science itself. Teachers do learn how to teach and especially language teachers have many methods, approaches and theories how to chew language into the learners mouth. The number is uncountable of better and better techniques such as teaching through special course book, through conversations or through task-solving. They all aim to succeed in language learning. But what about the techniques that ruin second language aquisition?

I’m sure that everybody had that typical boring language class that gives a rock into your shoes Hadjra fi sabbat. So far, I’ve been learning 7 languages (Hungarian, German, English, French, Arabic, and secondarily Russian and Berber). Also, I myself am supposed to be a teacher, so I have perfect personal experiences about bad lessons. At first when I started writing this article, I thought of “having no teacher” as the first language ruining process, but then I recalled the tons of bad experience and I changed my mind… Finally, having no experience about learning a language is much way better than having bad, awkward or disappointing experience about it…

Now, let’s focus on the bad teachers that may ruin a language lab:

1. Hitler as a Teacher

Well… As the first ruining element of a classroom learning, I place “having a teacher who plays a dicrator”. We all know this sentences during the class: “Stop talking! …but I wasn’t.. STOP TALKING!”, “Change your place! …but.. CHANGE IT!”, *raised hand* “Can I ha…” “NO!”
This kind of teachers make a literally NIGHTMARE from the lesson, especially if they had no competence of even the language. They bully you during the whole class as if he or she is hunting at you… but it’s not the worst in it! They choose out their elite team fromth (1) the most honest-silent-educated ones to be able performing the illusion of an educative atmosphere. But Hitler’s classroom is on the Fritz! No one learns anything… The educated ones are just bored or joyful under the highlight, while the others are bored or bullied.Personal experience when a Hitler just chose my name as the easiest to memorize, then kept shooting it randomly to the sky, even if I was ABSENT! Hahaha…

2. Teacher from the Farm

th (2)

The second kind of ruined classes are also related to the teacher’s attributes that is the language or precisely the PRONUNCIATION. Once, I had a teacher having a hoooorrible countryman-accent and thooooose classes were a niightmare! The classes were either cloudy and confusing, either funny and awkward.
Just thinking about it makes me goosebumps; however, I have an example related to me MYSELF! Well, I never had countryman accent; however, when I came to Algiers to teach English with a Classical Arabic base, all the kids were either dying of laughing when they heard classical word with funny meaning in their dialect, either they misunderstood the lesson. This is why, I just changed the teaching method from Translation-based into Direct- one language one.

3. Emo Teacher

teacher sleeping
The third type of bad teachers is almost like that one which I told you about… alias “no teacher”. This type just enters a class without a word, it murmurms some numbers of pages then you won’t hear about him or her ever. Dunno, he’s depressed-antisocial or just disgusted of teaching, but they are out of the context of the classroom at all! They are useless, indeed, they ruin the language learning… If there were be no teacher, we would get along more, but doing difficult language task without any help is a nightmare!
To give you an example how is going a Mission Impossible task.. I give you my experience of the current day’s Arabic class… The teacher is good; however, she uses a Direct method of teaching in which she uses only hard hard and hard Arabic to explain things… Then, after two hours of painful explaining she told us that she has a test for us.. Ya Ilaahi!OMG
Even if it had been an easy test, we would fail because of tiredness, but check this out! She read a complicated test three times without giving us any instruction or any question, then she gave us two pieces of paper full of question about “what’s the title” “how is it related to the text” “what is the main question” “what is the author’s suggestion”… Yalalhawl! – Dahell!
you-shall-not-pass1If we could create a correct Arabic sentence about the topic we would be Sheiks. 😥
I just kept asking myself looking to the blank paper… If I am doing something wrong? C’mon! I speak fluently almost 5 languages… Am I so bad?! Why didn’t she just give us a little instruction, introduction and at least the question for the first? For real!! She thinks such challanges are useful? Developing? Yea, she does indeed… As it I asked her after the class… She really thinks that it is useful..

We all had bad experience about language learning and classroom struggles in general, but don’t be disappointed, don’t give up, it could be worse… Haha-ha


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