Algerian election: to jump or not to jump

It’s May the 4 be with you…


Otherwise, today is the legislative election day in Algeria.


Probably this election season got the biggest budget and media highlight in the history of Algeria. In the last month, everywhere you turned your head you could see Election-Advertisments in the Algerian Tv Channels, on the street and on Internet (however the last one is a bit different but I’ll tell you why). So, there has been thrown out a huge amount of money for building notice boards, and gigantic monitors, also for idyllic TV advertisments. Why??
Logically thinking, why-because the nominees want to win and this media-battle is among the candidates who want to get more votes.
It’s not like that at all… This gigantic media propaganda is for making the Algerian people vote in general! 😂😂😂


Through the history, the people of Algeria is famous about skipping the election day… For example on the election of 80s-90s, NOT A SINGLE PERSONE presented himself as having intention to put his vote. And this idea hasn’t changed too much… Algerians don’t want to vote. Why not?? Hmm.. I’m not studying political sciences so let’s take 5 cases of why not voting linked from another blog

  1. It doesn’t matter. I can’t reiterate this enough: In a national election, the odds of your vote making a difference are very close to zero, even in a competitive race.
  2. You don’t have a strong opinion. You’ve been back and forth all election season, and you still haven’t made up your mind which candidate to prefer. If you vote today, it will be an electoral coin flip between two candidates you don’t particularly care for.
  3. You don’t think it will make a difference who gets elected. As a philosophical proposition, this is indefensible: Obviously it will make some difference, if only in the nameplate on the office. But if you don’t think that either candidate will make a difference in anything you care about, or help their party to do same, then there’s no reason to go vote for … what? The one with better hair?
  4. You aren’t informed about the candidates or the issues. Quick: Name three items on your preferred candidate’s campaign platform. Then discuss the pros and cons of actually implementing their proposals. Stymied? You are a good candidate for not voting this year.
  5. None of the major races in your district are competitive. For example, I am not voting today and have not voted by mail. Because I am not a registered Democrat, I was not eligible to vote in the election that actually matters in my District of Columbia..

Okay… With the last one Algeria is not considered because we don’t have that kind of district division. But the government wants to have it.. In an aspect, government is unicornworking for us to create a Democratic election where everybody has his or her opinion and puts his name on a candidate… [Unicorn Alert]

But go back to the media battle and the title of “To jump or not to jump”…

mansotichYou know already.. The people of Algeria is wa3r (difficult)! We are stubborn, single-minded and trolls. The slogan of this year’s election is this: “Samma3 sootik!” (Sound your voice!)

To defeat the propaganda of tele-media and placards, there are many internet-knights who started an anti-propaganda such as Algerian Youtubers as #dzjoker Mansotich or the whole Algerian facebook community who put out a Facebook Border “Mansootish” (I don’t jump) that is a funny word-play of the slogan of the election.

Nsoti(نصوت) (to give voice in classical Arabic) vs Nsauté (نصوطي) to jump in Algerian dialect).

This is why almost every Algerian put out a “منسوطيش” emblem on Facebook and stayed at home… We are crazy, wallah.

About me personally, I’ll help on the election, I support it and I’ll vote as well because I have a European mind about it: Participating in such social events is a must… Even if my vote is just a 0.01%  or less… I went to the school where my number called me to vote, gave my identity card, took a dozen of paper with unknown names and I chose the one who had beard because beard is manhood. Muhahaha… What is my benefit? I got a seal in my vote card.. I could have some tea and sweets from every bigger party’s campaign-stand on the road.
(I know what you think.. No there’s no campaign-close haha.. Which party gives the better sweets, I will put my vote. 😂😂)

My helping in this is secondary, maybe I’ll write about it later.. As well as about the winners of the election. I’m sure you can’t wait to be acknowledged.


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