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Birthday Poème

Zero-Five! Zero-Five!
It’s my Birthday!
Then write a poem as an ending thought.
But which language?
Listen to your coeur ! 😉

So today is my birthday… and as every birthday of mine… I write a little poem summary… This year it’s written in French. Read it with joy if you can. If you can’t, read the last English birthday poem of mine.

P.S.: This year’s poem is less dark… thanks to my sundark. Hamdullah.

Le vingt-cinq ans

Aujourd’hui j’ai un quart de siècle,
Un bonhomme de vingt-cinq ans.
J’en registre comme une règle,
Me faisant un cadeau plaisant.

J’ai dépassé beaucoup mes limites,
Comme honnête étudiant.
Mon passé me félicite,
De ma propre comparaison.

J’ai affronté des frontières,
Changeant du milieu.
Je suis mieux qu’hier,
Grâce à que le bon Dieux.

J’ai volé du temps plusieurs fois,
Les muscles et l’intelligence.
Mais je m’enfuis pas loin,
Vingt-cinq ans est l’évidence.

Aujourd’hui c’est le noble Vendredi,
Le Jour du Dieu.
J’essais battre la misanthropie,
D’être pieux, studieux.

Puis-je pas garantis cela á jamais,
Le vendredi est fugitif.
Mais je suis ravi,
De mes poèmes acqusitifs.

Mais alors, je fais plus de philo,
Je vie ma vie.
Et je garde mon stylo,
Comme l’épé de mon avis.

Benyamin Bensalah

Birthday Cough

Life always has a simple key;
If it’s not its harakat, then its hara-kiri…
I’ve just passed two decades and four years,
Living for two years in Algiers.
My life’s been a funny thriller;
Clinging to remain a caterpillar.

France for French and bass for dance;
I fully maintained my old stance.

The same faith that makes a moth nocturnal,
Made me write my grotesque journal.

Day and night through polyglotting;
I spoke weary words and hodgepodging.

My talk’s been strange as a stolen stone;
Mort satire arranged my lonely tone.

For that I’ve got beard and scrub,
I gotta be a philolover language bug.

More than twenty witty years of Earthism,
My fortune fooled the laws of Murphy’s.

Like coming from the blue, apathetic;
I’ve been walking on the gloom, my path is epic.

Overall my karma’s rather up than down,
For that, I’m thanking Allah until now.

Finally, To sum up my level up,
I clashed up twenty-four years in a cough.

Benyamin Bensalah


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