Finals #1: Critical Writing

This week I’m facing the finals of the last year of Basic English Linguistics and Didactics studies. Two birds with one stone, I’m going to write about the exams as a resume for preparing to the modules, as a personal comment on the level and as a whole impression of the year or three years…
Since, university ain’t a piece of cake. Who says it, either lies or he’s a fool or he’s fooling.

The first final is going to be Critical Writing that is a major subject having max credits in the literary and linguistics field. Critical Writing is a product of three years study of (first year)Reading and Writing – (second year) Creative Writing. To start with the good points, the first two years were awesome because we have learnt basic grammatical rules and styles to form coherent and competent paragraphs, essays and articles. As a writer and poet, my favorite year was the last year with Creative Writing; even if, the tons of homework were not just a little pressure on me. In fact, maybe the huge amount of homework was that made Creative Writing so enjoyable…

…because Critical Writing has not even a single homework during the whole year and it was a half-nightmare. The task during class was to brainstorm arguments about different topics that was a quite individual job. Outside the class, we had researches to do about the topic and the arguments. We repeates the first year’s basic rules and kept writing paragraphs and essays during the whole year.

After the class, the grading is the second horrible thing because… Well.. The students renamed the teacher as “Mr.Five” that means 5/20. Personally, I got quite good grade in the first semester; however, I just screwed up the second semster’s test writing a paragraph instead of a paragraph-outline *Hahahaha* – this joke cost me 16.5 points… Damn it.
By the way, I noticed to the teacher that I miss doing homework and he replied me that his job is not that to make students work… Who wants to work, works.


As for the final exam, he wanted us to prepare an argumentative essay related to Internet or Technology in Algeria… I let it to the last night to shuffle through the task. Everyday I’m shufflin’!

Algeria in the World Wide Web

The Internet is named the “Web” for a good reason. According to the OpenNet’s statistics in 2006, 13% of Algeria’s population were estimated as internet user. In ten years, this number has increased to 37, 7% based on the ISW’s statistics. Thus, the internet captures more and more users that may be useful for some businessmen benefiting from it; however, it is rather addictive and harmful for laypeople.

The first seductive layer of the web is the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Badoo. In general, social networking is a void full of amazing emptiness that makes us feel fulfilled while we waste our time and abandon real social-life. According to Ashraf Zeitoun, the representative of Facebook users in the Middle East and North Africa, the number of Facebook users in Algeria has reached 7.7 million people in 2016. By this token, these 7.7 million people are in the danger of desocialization.

Another danger coming with the increasing internet users is the increasing cyber-crimes. In 2015, more than 300 cases related to cyber-crimes were resolved that shows cyber-crimes are gaining ground in Algeria. The most frequent cases recorded by the police concern the abuse of children pictures, defamations and theft business identities. Also, there are web-piracy, blackmailing and many other cases that remain unknown because the victims do not know about them or they are afraid of being defamed.

Nevertheless, there are many people who benefit from internet in Algeria. According to the Alexa Internet’s statistics in 2016, the most visited website following Facebook is the that is Algeria’s national e-commerce corporation. Like Ebay, the Ouedkniss facilitates online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales of materials, devices, vehicles and other domesticities.

To get to the point, the internet has been netting Algeria just as the whole world. It has brought some beneficial innovations, but in aspect of Facebook, this is a waste of time.

Benyamin Bensalah

P.S.: Critical Writing is chosen as the first final on purpose – as if it doesn’t need preparation, so we have more time to prepare to the other exams. They are right, Writing is only about whether you CAN write or you CAN’T. Btw, Why the exam is put till 16:30??? Next exam is Ethnomethodology at 11:30.


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