Finals #5: Pragmatics… out of context

This week I’m facing the finals of the last year of Basic English Linguistics and Didactics studies. Two birds with one stone, I’m going to write about the exams as a resume for preparing to the modules, as a personal comment on the level and as a whole impression of the year or three years…

Today, I had my pragmatics exam with an easy question of “draw distiction between text and discourse”… The answer that we studied about is related to Surface and Deep Structure… Also to dynamics and statics. What I wrote? Like a philosopher chimpanzee, I distinguished between spoken and written for related to my knowledge about linguistics and Ferdinand de Saussure’s language vs parole dichotomy. In the former theory, language is something abstract like a text, having no meaning only physical signs, while parole is language in use with meanings and thoughts that is concrete.

As always, I find my own way how to escape not answering badly. Hahaha
May Allah be with me as always,
Answering a question related to pragmatics that studied the meaning of language in context, personally being out of context.

*being very angry*

I had Arabic course again… We tried to solve the same text of two weeks. I drove the teacher crazy because she has driven me crazy already… Let’s take just facts: We study a text that contains only difficult words, many times with implied meaning just as: to grub in the volumes that can mean to search in the books, digging for information. The meaning above comes from the text of course. Now, please try to imagine that you don’t understand the context that is C, you don’t understand grub that is G and you understand volume that us V, but you don’t understand what the hell is doing there… AAAND THEN, YOU SHOULD FIGURE OUT FM that is the freakin’ meaning.


You can’t compute with variations without values… However, she wants you to do!! She explains and encourages you well, saying impatiently: READ THE TEXT WELL!!

It’s not shocking at all, believe me. For me, it is totally logical:

It happens when a teacher teaches Arabic as foreign language while she doesn’t speak any foreign languages, but Arabic. She doesn’t understand what Foreign Language Teaching excepts from her:

  • She forbids using dictionary.
  • She forbids using translation.
  • She explains an unknown word with another and when she runs out of synonyms, she keeps repeating them.

In a nutshell, she is out of context, then she has no intention to solve the problem. Whereas, I try to solve the problems… I tried to talk with her; however, she’s very stubborn on the idea that the situation is my fault… Interesting…

Essentially, I’m fed up with this. I still have an exam tomorrow for finishing the finals. LessonPlans, then an Arabic two weeks after that chain me to the context of study; however, I’m out of context. I’m tired.


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