Gallery: Finishing the Finals

I just finished the last important exam of the year. I am free.
How hard it is to say anything useful in this moment… The moment when black workers got freed from the slavery of South America… The mass of Afro American moves from and there happily enjoying their new freedom, while I face the big issue of the hardworkers staying on the farm: What to do now? Is there life after university?Before I start to think about the program of the future, summer, Ramadan … I should rather look back to the past with a positive glance on my memories, having a rest.


To resume it in a nutshell… I had a very active year that I am really proud of:

I studied hard in the first semester.

I fulfilled a delegate job in my group.


I tried to learn French in extra courses.

I studied Arabic in two universities.


I joined a university club, participating in their event.


I created a university club with others.


I ran the first English University magazine.


I wrote many poems in  nature, love and dark…


I was funny, kind and caring with people.


I had great time with my brother.


I built solid social relations..thinking of the future.

I found my sweetheart, may Allah write us a future.


I had crazy time with true friends.


What I can promise for the future?

You’ll find me reading. You’ll be seeing me crazy. But I’ll keep my originality. 😉


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