A Creepy Poem: Psycho Doc

Today, I present you one of my poem that represents my dark humour. Enjoy it and take care of Doctor Psycho. πŸ˜„


Psycho Doc


I live in the small expressions,
missing the whole.
Among all the interactions,
I’m socially alone.

I missed to point a life goal,
certainly, I don’t miss it.
But others around me told:
My pointlessness is wicked.

“Visit a soul-doctor”, they said,
“good for you”.
I let myself by others led,
being a dumb with them too.

I entered the room:
A simple bloke sits there.
He was in a gloomy mood,
while I had a happy air.

“What’s your problem my friend”,
-voice of a bartender.
My silence is hard to rend,
and he was about to surrender.

It seemed he needs a jog,
I started to feel pity.
I wanted to save his job,
making myself witty.

“You seem weary, chap”,
I grabbed the doctor’s role.
He was up to chat,
said: “My name is Paul”.

“Alrighty then Paul, I’m yours,
The Almighty sent”.
He unbuttoned the white coat,
being prepared to mend.

He talked about his problems,
loaning, alcohol and wife.
His tears shed out his lens:
“The life is a life-long strife”.

I was looking at the man,
a miserable creature.
I took out a paper and pen,
for the patient’s feature.

“You are hopeless indeed,
with reasons to cry.
It’s death that you need,
I don’t want to lie.”

When I mentioned,
he got a shock.
“Who’s the patient,
who’s the doc?”

“Oh my dear friend”,
I thought.
“Here’s your treatment”,
Then he soughed.

The pen I was writing by,
finished in his lungs.
“Oh, I know why you cry,
but relief comes…”

This is a story of a doc,
and his death.
He had a gloomy talk,
that cut his breath.

This is a story of a doc,
who just got life.
His name is Psycho doc,
and he cures life.


Benyamin Bensalah








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