Universal Meatballs

Well… I have just met the freedom after the final exams so called “le temps vide” alias empty time. In the very first day, I spent some time on the beach, visiting it on my bicycle, but it was kinda tiring since these days I am fasting for Sha3ban…
=as a Muslim preparational fasting for Ramadan that is coming soon. Allahuma ballaghna Ramadan.

So… how can I benefit from my creativity while I am so sleepy from lacking nutrition? What about cooking in the kitchen? It keeps me fed up, kills time and as a result provides me with my Ftor that I’ll eat up?
Indeed! I am a man who cooks. :3
I am not telling that I cook very well, but I do my job as an artist in every field. Whatever.

So! Yesterday, I decided to make some meatballs as a fasting-dinner (Ftor) after Maghreb prayer.
To bring some philoshophy inside it, I tell you that I have observed that every country has it’s universal meals… I mean every country its needle-meal, every country has is full-vegetable-soup, its full-fruit soup or its full-meat soup with neddles or without. To stick to the point, meals are universals with only a little difference.
So am Sayin’ that there are meatballs everywhere on the world… for instance:

1. The American fried-meatballs with spaghetti  that personally doesn’t fit my taste:


2. The Hungarian boiled-meatballs with sweet tomato sauce:


4. The Sweden grilled-meatballs with any garnishing side-dish:


4. The Hungarian Meatloaf – “Fasírt” that I have made yesterday:




I show you the steps of preparation of one of the Hungarian meatball meal made in Algeria:


First, I prepared the ingredients that are:
200dkg white minced meat (beef)
300dkg red minced meat (beef)
2 eggs
250dkg bread
0.5l milk
Onion and Garlic
Coriander, Pepper and red pepper, salt

As for side dish:
1kg potato


I put the bread into milk:
The bread serves almost the half of the mass.


I cut into pieces the onion and the garlic (1-1 head):
They give taste and smell for the meatballs :3


I mix the meat with the ingredients:
I put 2 eggs, the smooth mass of bread, the spices and the onion+garlic into the bowl and I mix them up.


I put the mass of meat to the refridgator for ~30min:
It’s gonna take its form and the cold will help it to get solid more.

I prepare the potato side-dish:
I peel the potatoes and I cut into cube the half of it for boiling… It is for the mashed potato = la purée.
Then, another half of the potato I cut it into prism form to my French fries.


While the potato boils, I have a rest:
Since I am a man cook, my rest is some Algerian soccer news.. haha. JK.

After a while, I fry the Fasírt:
I form the mass into balls and fry out in hot oil, not cold.. never.. that wouldn’t happen.

Finally, I prepare the garnish:


Bon Appetite!!

I couldn’t take picture of the final work on plates because -as I told ya- I was fasting and the hunger took control of me and eat up everything in a sudden… HAHAHA



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