Arabic Newspaper-Courses

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
― Mark Twain

Vasarnapi_Blikk_151I have never been a big newspaper fan; however, I used to buy monthly gamer, gun and literary magazines such as GameStar, Caliber and Readest Diggers… I tried to avoid the mass-media, but I kept myself up-dated on the world’s actualities related to my interest. I could never imagine myself reading a typical scandal-magazin of celebrities and stars, neither one of about social “issues”. These nightmare-like newspapers and magazines are easily recognizable in Europe because of their colourful layout and scandalous Headline; however… in Algeria, these news are not separated the same way… If someone wants to avoid these hype-stories, he should avoid all newspaper all in once. As I am trying to do… with less success…

El-Watan-Liberté-El-Khabar-Le-SoirThe very first time when I was obliged to read the so-unwelcome newspapers is because of a big educational failure that I experienced during my first year I visited the Language Department at the center of Algiers. However, Algeria’s national language is Arabic, the education of Arabic as Foreign Language is totally lame – except of some international project such as Chinese program. This is why, my Arabic “teacher” at the university just appeared on the first class with a newspaper of Nahar in his armpit… HAHAHA.
It’s not a joke! There have been students who had problems even with reading Arabic letters, the teacher forced them to read the difficult economic articles of a second-classed newspaper that even uses Algerian Dialects with foreign words beside the Classical Arabic one.

This experience has been one of the worst educational and media trauma in my life with the prof’s trolling on me “haha you can’t read it correctly, but if it would be written BATATA you could read it well… In Eastern Europe, you love POTATO, don’t you?”.. IS IT A JOKE? Seriously! This is the worst racist joke ever!! I would rather listen hundred times “Hungary! Haha.. are you hungry?” than this freakin unintelligent potato-joke…
Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and think of this horrible joke.. Believe me.

You can imagine that I was enormously happy when I ended the newspaper-courses at that university and I never wanted to see any newspaper again, especially, not-Arabic from which I understood nothing. I felt it very unfortunate having no Arabic language competence; however, I would have felt better if I had understood those newspapers’ content…

Well, after three years of that accident, I mentioned my newspaper-courses to “my beloved one” who felt it her duty to teach me some newspaper reading in Arabic… It was the cutest thing ever by the way. The arabic nominalization of titles are hardly understandable because Arabic thinks in a very different way with a bunch of nounsattached to each other – some of them functioning as adjectives of nouns, some of verbs and some are just nouns or nominalized verbs… Thus, the Arab logic is still weird for me a little bit, and its vocabulary is still unknown.
But I cheer up! I had the best teacher to make me understand this all through my linguistically philosophying point of view…

So, for the first time I enjoyed learning from newspaper… UNTIL WHEN… We finished studying the language of the newspaper and she showed me its CONTENT. Oh My God! Hahaha…

Marriage propositions by strong-working man and pious-housegirls… Also, issues in the neighbourhood and among families… Such Articles as Abd-Noor is poor and has 7 children, how they live…

This is mass media! If you lowered to its level to read it, you can no more ask: “WHO CARES?!”

By the way, I was planning to do journalism as a master field; however, my research has shown that the written press in Algeria publishes in three languages: Arabic, French and Tamazight. Even if I masterized French well enough, I won’t use it for writing… And writing what! The Algerian people are 75% interested in national and international soccer news, the other 25% are hidden in the social complaints that barely interest me.. Thus, I have no place with my English abstract themes that is not a problem since I am not into mass-media. My little research also shows that there are more than 100,000 Algerian blogs written in French. That means for me that there is more than one-hundred-thousands AND-ONE written in English. Linguistical ambiguity solves problems sometimes…

Well… even if I enjoyed reading newspapers thanks to my good support, I keep avoiding them because of their social brainwashing effect… So, my place remains at online-newspapers as a blogger.  😉


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