Islamic Poem: A’sar

“By the token of time, man is verily in a state of loss. Except those who have faith, those who do righteous deeds, those who exhort people to truth and those who exhort people to patience and perseverance”.
Quran, Surah Al-Asar (Ch. 103 V. 1-3)

This Quranic surah according to Imam Shafi, he said, “Only if this surah was to be revealed of the Quran, it would have been sufficient for the salvation of mankind.” It’s so important that it is called ‘Rahe Nijhat’– the way for salvation. And the criteria for any person to enter janah is FOUR – FIRST is eeman, SECOND is righteous deeds, THIRD is exhorting people to truth and FOURTH is exhorting people to patience and perseverance. So here we realize the gates of heaven are opened but just because the gates are opened you can’t enter it, you require the ticket!
From: Dr Zakir Naik

Ramadan is coming, one should get pious in his life… I will start this piousness by sharing a short poem thinking about ASR that is the limited life mankind got from ALLAH to prove themselves.



On the day when the believer disbelieves,
When the trees stop being trees,
When the West replaces the East,
People will know what is A’sar.

A’sar is the time to mankind given,
Your parents’, yours and your kids’ even,
To see the truth that you thought hidden,
Everything will be revealed at A’sar.

On the day when you close your eyes,
When the last men alive will close their eyes,
Your deeds will talk without lies,
And you will see what Allah meant by A’sar.




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