A day of photoshop

I had no energy to write about anything… These days are quite tiring for me, seeing the bad marks of the exams and meeting bad feelings that my senses shut down… 

Concerning the last one, I have a natural symbolic poem…


In memory of a moment of peace

Under a confused mind of a cloudy meander,
I was sitting where two tempests clashed,
The colours were drought by the blender-
Of a blinding light as if a camera flashed.

Under the gravity of the grass on the ground,
I amazed miraculously how the sky split,
As my lamb-like soul split years around-
On a play-ground of an o-childish spirit.

Under a mysterious frozen fragment of time,
I saw my prisoned prims in the height,
Held by a bird, a bird.. a bird that I’m-
Surely, my soul will never see the light.

Under the brightening crack on the darkness,
I was the white dove with a shot-spot,
Bleeding out in a dark ink of numbness-
With the body as a soul-less cold splotch.

Benyamin Bensalah




Comcerning the exam, I have a picture that proves that I am the reincarnation of Edgar Alan Poe since I can answer in such a mysterious way that it makes frustration in the readers… Hahaha




After my tiring day, I needed either a long long sleep or a refreshing art-time… As Art, I re-installed Photoshop about after 5 years break… and I made up a funny picture for this moment… A sudden construction in Ben Aknoun, next to the road.





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