How I failed visiting Tizi

Today, my friend Khalil and I improvised a quick visit in the Grand-Kabylie of Algeria (Tizi Ouzou) to learn some Kabylian, to have fun of people and to do some tourism… Briefly, the “plan” failed, but we turned the day into fun… Let’s see how we failed visiting the city…
Tizi Ouzou is one of the biggest city and province of Algeria and the most famous and bigger Kabylian (Berber) region. It is about 100 km far from the capital (Algiers) where we were. Why we wanted to visit Tizi? At first, the Algerian Trail has opened a new line of “Algiers-Tizi Ouzou” directly that takes only about 50 minutes; however, on road it would take at least 1,5 hours without traffic jam. At second, we wanted to learn some Kabylian and have some fun of speaking it, since it is one of our national language, but it is spoken only regionally… There’s a huge contradiction between Tizi and the other Algerian provinces in that.. Tizi Ouzou has special elementary and high school with Kabylian learning system, writing system and language… They use Arabic only in school as language studies, and rarely outside (Kabylian is spoken at home and on the streets too).. Whereas in other provinces the Kabylian is not even studied among the Arabic language.

Funny fact here: I have many family members from there who speak Classical Arabic, but they can’t speak our Arabic dialect because of this system having Kabylian basics.

Therefore, I wanted to refresh my “origin” language there, since I am Kabylian and I do speak a little bit kabylian.
But it failed:

  1. No train only at 7 o’clock (we woke up at 8) 
  2. It was cloudy and rainy out of the blue.
  3. We had better program: to visit our “anti-social” brother 

Thus, instead of visiting Tizi Ouzou, we visited Bab-Ezzouar (the door of visiters) to knock on the door of our friend, surprise hin at home and sit down together in a coffee shop to talk about life and laugh.

By the way, on our friendly trip I bought a kabylian poem collection and a kabylian phrase book that has as authentic examples as duolingo(languagr learning application):
Kabylian phrase book:

” Churegh akk ti3eqqayin, yerna tghezzizent-iyi”

I have buttons everywhere and they itch me.
Duolingo Hungarian:

“Az almák szédülnek.”
The apples feel dizzy.


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