The changes of ramadan

This is the very first day that I spent outside in Ramadan (yesterday, I was preparing the place in refrigerator, kitchen and the graden to enjoy the Ramadan dinner (Ftor), then I did a quick turn in my village for missing ingredients like corn and lightbulb :D)

Today, I went to check my Arabic mark and see what is going on at the university – on the mountain of the capital. The atmosphere outside was very interesting, I was amazed by it as I had amazed on  it 3 years ago for the first time came to Algeria. In Ramadan, Algeria turns out to another country, another world:

  • *The very first charecteristics of the Algerian Ramadan is the mass of people, or more precisely, their missing.. You can find the ever-crowded and ever-noisy capital city dead silent, calm and empty. The first time I’ve seen it, I was socked; however, today I was amazed on the silent Algerian people sauing a single word except of one or two silent “Saha Ftorkom!” (Have a nice meal -at maghreb!).. I mean it! It is very weird seeing the hot-headed people yesterday, being calm and polite today…
    Why? Because this is a manner of a true Muslim, of our prophet(peace be upon him). “Say kind words or keep silent!”




  • *Also, another change on the people that you will see everybody in white kamis dress that is kinda religious as another tradition of our prophet, Mohammed (peace be upon him). It is a very peaceful sight and I’d be happy if the whole year people would wear like this, just as in Saudi- but we are better than them.


  • *I told you about the empty streets and workplaces… But where are those missing people? Well… To be honest, they are either sleeping at home or reading Quran in the mosque.. Or vica versa; reading Quran at home and sleeping in the mosque haha..
    I love sleeping in the mosque ❤ in a church you can’t even sit haha.


  • But people not only sleep in the mosque… During the month of Ramadan, the House of Allah is full of praying person at each prayer time of the five. Their manner is different; they are nicer and they avoid bad words, music and other unpureness.


Why this All Change? Because Ramadan is the Shahar of Tawba = The month of Repentance in which you should show your best to God, hopefully keeping this goodness not only for one month… In this view, Ramadan is our charger that fulfills our heart with happiness and purity, keeping us patient during the whole year’s hardship.
Later, I will detail it better, but now, I have to prepare the Ftor. 😀



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