Dessert : Bimo Pudding


The month of Ramadan is a month of worship without doubt; however, the meal is an important part of it, too. The lost energy during the hot daylights should be recovered through only one eating that is not an easy job to anybody.. The chef of the kitchen must come out with a delicious and filling dish. But what about the children who remain choosy even after a day of fasting and they decide not to eat?

My B plan for them is the dessert. Almost every day in Ramadan, I prepare a pudding for my little brother that is a very successful tactical decision. Pudding is full of milk that provides the body with enough hydratation and calcium. Of courae, if you had given your kid a liter milk like that “take it and drink”, he would say no… But if it’s prepared in a colourful way with sweet cookies inside it, they couldn’t say no.

So, spending some days at Auntie Nora – I learnt a practical-functional-delicious Bimo – Pudding recipe for after Ftor that is called in Algiers /tbannadj – snacking/:






You should just prepare two or more colour of pudding powder with 1/2 liter milk for each and any kind of cookie to fill it.


Boiling the pudding powder with milk:

You add a half liter milk to your pudding and you mix it until it boils.
The quantity of the milk can be different, try to follow the instruction on the back of the sack of the pudding.




You pour the hot pudding into bowls and put the cookie to it:

You should wait about 30 mins till this puddig gets a solid state, to prepare another level with different colour.



After one level got solid, you can add the next colour:

This procedure is kinda infinitive and can be done in a big bowl to make a huge cake of rainbow…


I hope you like it and prepare it, if it is so… Bon appetite and SaHa Ftorkom!




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