Algerian Jokes #1

This time I just brought you a bunch of stupid and very tiring Algerian jokes that you can hear outside. By the way, the Algerian joke culture is not so developed; however, you can find interesting stories… to be continue



9alek wa7ed Tabba kanet tamchi fo9 7i6 ta7at 3lah?
7it khlas

It’s said that a duck was walking on the wall then it fell down, why?
“Cuz it ran out of wall.”

9alek wa7ed gralo kan yamchi mat 3lah?
ta7at fogo bata

It’s said that a cockroach has died, why?
A duck fell on it.

9alek wa7ed rajel kan ytiri 3la 9ar3a ta3 zjaj bel 7jar ou ma tkasratche 3lah?
ma 9ashach

It’s said that a man was shooting stones at a glass bottle, but it didn’t broke, why?
He didn’t hit it.

9alek wa7ed Diik kan yamchi mat 3lah?
9aso li kan ytiri 3la 7ajra

It’s said tha a rooster was walking then it died, why?
The men hit it with a stone.

9alek wa7ed chinwi tla3 lel 9mar wach sra?
n9as wa7ed me la chine

It’s said that a Chinese guy went up to the moon, what happened?
China is less by one.

9alek wa7ed japonais tla3 lel 9mar wach sra?
tla9a be chinwi tam

It’s said that a Japanese guy went up to the moon, what happened?
He met with the Chinese guy there.

galak wahed khabaz dkhal lhabs 3lah?
psq jayaf l3jina.

It’s said that a baker got into prison, why?
He choked the paste.



What is the different between a strawberry and an orange?
Both of them are not banana.



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