The Daily Schedule of Ramadan

This is the 11th fasting day of Ramadan. How many program I had planned for the holidays that are all under the pressure of the murderous program of the holy month… Reading Quran, Learning Arabic, Reading books for pleasure and doing excercises are threatened by housework, prayers, sleeping and the speeches of my dad – staying at home.
The program is simple by the way:
* 3:30 I wake up to pray Fajr in the mosque

* 4:00 I answer messages on facebook and watch some videos or Quran recitations

* 5:00 I go back to sleep

* 10:00 I wake up, wash my face, pray and I do some excercise

*10:30 I start to tide up the kitchen (if something is left there), open windows, sweep, water the plants in the garden

*11:00 I wash fruits and put it to the fridge with sodas and juices for dinner

*11:30 If there is other work at home, I do it; otherwise, I learn some Arabic or read Quran

*12:00 Dad wakes up, takes a shower and makes a speech about what a hero is he and we children are obliged to work more..

*12:30 I pray Dohr in the mosque

*13:30 I come back home and prepare pudding and such desserts for Ramadan

*14:30 I prepare the ingerdients for dinner, cutting up vegetables and roasting peppers till my stepmom is coming to cook

*15:30 My little bro comes back from school and we both listen to dad’s speech and his calling “bring me this” “bring me that” “what are you doing” “what are you doing” “what are you doing”

*16:30 We pray Asr in the mosque

*17:30 I go to do shopping for dinner; loaves of bread, sharbet juice, cakes.

*18:30 I do some sport with my brother; bicycle-football or tennis at home.

*19:30 We prepare the table for the fast breaking dinner; sour-milk (liban), dates, bread with the plates, drinks and television channel in the garden

*20:00 We run to the mosque with the calling for the Maghreb prayer and for the fast-breaking

*20:30 We start to have dinner with the Tv-shows of Ramadan (in which I am not interested)

*21:00 I clean the table and bring the dessert

*21:30 I clean the table again and go to pray Aisha and Tarawih

*23:00 We finish praying and go to have an icecream and a cup of tea outside

*23:30 I come back home, wringle onion juice to dad, tide the dishes and close myseld to the room with some movie or reading

*02:00 I either sleep to wake up for Fajr or play games to wait for Fajr…

In addition, during the day, I keep myself patient and concetrated despite of beung hungry from fasting. Also, I avoid internet because of the bad pictures and contents and because of the people who make me feel unright, haha. This is an ordinary day in which nobody invites us for lunch or in which nothing special happens… the events eat me and my time up like the fire eats up the wood. May God accept this sacrifice and bring patiance to us.


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