​Horror Critics: Oculus (2013)

Horror Critics: Oculus (2013)

Tonight, I finally succeeded finishing the 2013 American horror movie of “Oculus”. Honestly, the movie hadn’t deserved me to watch it, if I would be straight to my movie watching principle of “don’t try to re-watch a movie after 2 asleeps”. In fact, I slept at least 5 times on this horror movie… why? Let’s start with the CONS of the movie:
The movie starts with an old childhood family murder scene that serves as a border for beginning and the end. The story remains cloudy that would be a good start, if it hadn’t been mysterious and over-played at the same time. Without doubt, the movie transgresses “the less info is the best info rule” and the rule of logic:
Just imagine that a little boy stays in the madhouse for more than 10 years for killing his father as a self-defense.. C’mon! It was self defense!! Actually, they made him mad in the madhouse – I guess..

Whatever! Finally, he gets freed and his older sister waits for him who has never visited him so far.. Ooookay, we are dumb, go ahead with your story.

She rushes at him at their first sit in a coffee shop that they must revenge the ghost who screwed up with them.

Oh wait.

The very stupid thing here is that the story is cloudy since we don’t know much about the demon who is caught in the older sister’s mirror, neither we don’t know what happened in the past cuz the guy doesn’t remember, but her… and it should be quite mysterious IF.. IF the damn story wouldn’t be led by the redhead Laracroft who plays ghostbuster, making up a home-made demon trap from bowling balls, guillotine and a dozen of cameras… And the big huge colossal question mark here… WHY???

Why dya want to terrorize your lil brother by closing yourselves into your old house with a demon??

The one who digs a hole for someone, she herself will fall in it… lol
So, this movie for me is like biting a lemon.. Why I slept on it so many times by the way? Because of Karen Gillan’s (sister) over-self-confident acting pushing the story with a handbarrow into the illogical-horroristic way. Horroristic? The only scare-makers are a couple of jump-scares that’s also a big shame, but what are you waiting for an American horror movies…

Let’s see the other side of the coin, the PROs of the movie:

At first, kinda sarcastically saying, I liked in the movie the fact that I could watch it with my little brother who wasn’t afraid at all, so it has proven as a good family movie, instead of horror genre.

More seriously, I liked the unhappy end with the undefeatable mirror demon. However, the mirror many times broke a little bit that is illogical again.

Also, I liked the final acts in which the past and the present get mixed up by the illusion of the demon.

Pedro and Esmeralda- the two refugee demons from the Mexican Necropolis

About the demon… We don’t get any useful information about it, I can guess that it is a demon or something like that since it has huge magic power in matter of illusion and it charmed an object that is an ancient mirror. Also, it collects souls by killing, possessing or charming… This is how we got an over-power demon again who has not even one single personal saying against “the kids’ experiment” to kill her. She is kind indeed.
The Imdb rates it 6.5/10

Mine rating is 4/10
Overall, the story is original even if the main idea is taken from other movies such as Mirrors in which a ghost lives in the mirror reflection, and from Shining in which a psychopathic parent tries to kill his son. I liked to rewatch some scene of these cliché, I enjoyed the original mind-map of past and present; thus, I gave 4 from 10… However, the movie is not even scary and due to Gallin’s acting, it is boring and obvious what will happen.
I recommend you to watch it and tell me your opinion if I am wrong. 😉

Favorite scene: Katie starts to imagine shatters on the ground, so she takes her iphone to see the reality while she kicks off a plant whose shatter she puts to her hand. In that very moment, her fiancé appears behind her (he doesn’t know the house, he’d be working) and she kills him with the shatter. She wants it to be illusion, then a call comes to her phone from his fiancé, saying that he is at work… Actually, the calling is an illusion and the murder was real. OWNED.


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      1. Merci bcp. Ils semblaient vraiment artistiques et intéressants, j’aimerais les regarder. 🙂
        Dans ce genre, j’aime bcp “An eternal sunshine of a spotless mind” et “Silver Linings”.

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