Flirting in Kabylian

The Kabylian or “Taqbiylit” language is a Berber language from the Afroasiatic language family. It is spoken by about 5 million Kabyle people in north Africa and it is the second minor language of Algeria, Algerian Kabylians. I myself am a Kabyle from my origins; however, my grandfather left our Kabyle region, our bled; thus, my father and I don’t speak Kabylian like my grandfather.

However, thanks to some fortunate holidays spent in the Little Kabylie (Bejaia), I learnt some phrases from the Berber language. Shame on me, these phrases concern only food and girls that describe well how much Bejaia is “open” to the Western cultures. Hahaha… In fact, during my holidays in Bejaia, I felt myself rather in center of Paris:

Many people hate Arabic, so they talk to me either Kabyle or French. Big groups of people consume alcohol; however, they call themselves Muslims while praying Friday prayer. Hah.. In the mountains, people are as well as shy in a religious region; however, it is rather due to being afraid of village-scandals because – for example – the girls leaving the village to the bigger city of Bejaia or its beaches start to act like French-girls chatting with strangers. For me, it was quite interesting because I could learn some Kabylian from them as well as I could practice my French; otherwise, I was not interested in any romance cuz I left every romance behind me in Europe already. Also, Berber people become quite Barbarian if they get knowledge about their “innocent” daughter’s affairs… Huh.
So, let’s recall my repertoire:

Azul! – Hi! (it opens any Kabyle heart for tye first time)

Azul felam!
– Hey! (aiming a girl)

Azul felawan!
– Hey all! (aiming a group)

Ahdagh chwya tkbiylit. – I speak a little Kabyle.

Afhamagh chwya tkbiylit.
– I understand a little Kabyle.

Amem/amek tsi leth? – How are you?
Yelha, hamdullah. – Good, hamdullah.

Sahit attas. –
Thank you very much!

Hamlaghkm. – I love you.

Esho esmem? – What is your name? (For female)

Esho esmek?
– What is your name? (For male)

– Your name? (f.)

Issmik? –
Your name? (m.)

Niqiy (name) – I am…

Annim shebhent yaw emshish mziyen – You have beautiful eyes, my little cat.

Ash-hal thy ammrim?
– How old are you? (f.)

Ash-hal thy ammrik?
– How old are you? (m.)

Anitha thzathghad? – Where do you live?

Anith thy motrem?
– Where is your home?

Anidath trohod?
– Where are you going?

Adroh thamort!
– Let’s go home.

Yuwith-yuwith – Just slowly, one by one.

Fkiyith thy numéro
. – Give me your number.

Desho itkhadmet? – Whatcha doin’?

Vghir atswagh. – I’d like to drink.

Vghir antos
. – I’d like to sleep.

Shal dawwan yoowan
. – How much one costs?

Barkayin dayin
. – It is enough.

Ar tufat! – See u later!

– Tomorrow!

Wegi akrakam kardjun. – That boy is a big dog.

. – Keep quiet.

Amek idge? –
What’s wrong, bro?

These are the very basic phrases in my mind, next time I will try to learn more usefull and right things on my holidays, inshallah. So far, use these wisely… As I told ya, Kabylian are mad about their daughter. Hahaha.

Also, language doesn’t really matter too much when you have handsome body language as mine, haha.


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