Poem: My Islam (gift)

​My Islam

I witness that Islam is my Deen,
The best thing in my life ever been,
That to mankind as mercy has been sent,
That has many mistakers, but has no saint.

I’m a great mistaker, but my heart is true,
I kept my life despite all I went through,
All the bad things that I had to see,
Made me convert, fleeing a sea.


I’ve become a muslim by my own,
Since Allah has never let me; alone,
HE cured my soul filling it with faith,
HIS will is that has been fulfilling my fate.

Now, all the bad things I’ve had to see,
For God’s sake, had been nec’ssary,
All the bad things I have done,
As bad points, forever gone.


Every day, I pray for HIS grace,
Thanks God, I forgot the disgrace,
I’d been devoid of any kind of shame,
Though, now, the life is not just a game.

I had no goal, being an empty mortal clay,
I spent away my ages in the devil’s play,
I almost threw away that is not mine,
May Allah forgive me all the crime.


As a little child, I’ve been naive,
Day to day, I think how to relieve,
Living a clear life for self-fulfillment,
Islam sealed it on me as a commitment.

If I do a thing, I ask Allah if it’s good,
If I say something this is the sooth,
I take Quran as my leading hymn,
Brought by Mohamed pbuh.


My biggest pride is my Deen,
Hamdullah for being able to feel,
Subhanallah for every event happens,
Allah, who’s the Lord of seven Heavens.

I’m so sorry for every mistake I fail,
My body is still only a mortal clay,
But my soul wants to ever live,
I must ask God to forgive.


Islam is the only Deen,
I testify it while being keen,
I justify it by having a good manner,
Then, I wear my beard as an Islamic banner.

I highlight that Adam is our forefather,
All his sons have done some trouble,
But their best have been repented,
Allah loves most who repented.

/It’s written for “my bad”,
While it’s a gift,
For somebody who sees me bad,
While I’m a gift./


2 thoughts on “Poem: My Islam (gift)

  1. يَهْدِي اللَّهُ لِنُورِهِ مَن يَشَاءُ
    Allah doth guide whom He will to His Light (24;35)

    You my friend, are one of those lucky people who was able to seek the light among all these fogs!


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