Yesterday, I took my little brother to the Embassy to ask what he needs to take him with me to Hungary. The little tod was so excited even from going to the Embassy that he didn’t sleep at all; I found him seven o’clock skipping time with cartoons. Then, the little late-bird slept the whole train trip to the capital, deserving his nickname given by me as “Zombie”.
At the Embassy, unfortunately I met the dirty bureaucracy and a couple of people whom I really don’t like. At first, they told me that I should have managed an appointment -randez-vous. Nevermind; after rising my voice for my rights as a Hungarian citizen, they told me that I’ll get time before noon, that meant 3 hours waiting. That 3 hours passed quickly because I stated to chat with the people who visited the Embassy for visas.
The majority who ask for visa is the Algerian man with a Hungarian wife. They know each others usually from internet, chatting about theit dreams. Hungarian women have dreams like “African adventure of knowing new cultures beside a manly man”, while the Algerian men’s dreams are “living in the beautiful Europe with a beautiful woman.” Here, only the woman has right in my aspect, since you can find adventure EVERYWHERE, so you will succeed in your dream. Whereas, the man surely will get disappointed when he realizes that such things as “beautiful place” on Earth doesn’t exist. Thus, such relations often end in divorce, only if the woman adapts living under the man’s manliness.
In a nutshell, we waited until noon and we got informed about the necessary papers for my brother’s visa. This problem is done. However, another problem is that I don’t know how could I smoothen my mother’s cold heart to accept my little half-brother as a guest at me. This is unbelievable, but she says such things “we don’t like immigrants”, “he has no right to be here”, “we have no money to feed a twelve years old”, “I can’t take care of him”. Yaw! That little kid loves everybody and everything; also, he is under my wings.. Why such simple things must be complicated???
I hope – Inshallah – everything is going to be right. I really wouldn’t like to have bad relation with mom because of HER stupidity. Why because, I don’t care if I spend my summer here or there… But I can’t stand ignorance. Ignoring my aspect of having a little adventure with my brother in my ex-country would be fun. I say again, Inshallah ça va mieux.



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