​The Algerian Kingdom is out of network

These days, whole Algeria is suffering from the slow internet and the completely blocked facebook in the interval of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The phenomena is because of the baccalaureate exams taking place now. What is the relation between the exams and no-internet in national level? The answer is “cheating”.

Algerian students cheat everywhere and anyhow they can. They cheat in highschool as well as in the long university-years of medicine. They cheat using clips of paper as well as using internet. In fact, the true reason of blocking internet during BAC-exams is the scandal of the last year in which right before exam you could find the exam papers on facebook. In some schools the teachers were corrupt and showed it up, while in others the students were skillful and stole a picture from them like a ninja.

The question: is it a skill that helps you later?
Would you like to meet a doctor for your young daughter or for your wifo, having ninja-skills in cheating and having the skills of a charlatan in medicine? Would you like to give your beloved life into such cheating hands? Can we build a solid society with such cheating people? Is it a must to go abroad for a loyal hospitality in medicine?

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said that a Muslim can be a thief in hard times, he can be coward in terrifying situation, but a Muslim is not Muslim if he cheats or lies. We Algerian should really wake up. We are Muslims, we shouldn’t give away our identity for such stupid things exam marks that won’t help you at all. The Only Helper is Allah and your owned knowledge.

But, are the students the only wrongdoers here? Is it acceptable to block a nations internrt only for some examined students? Is it rightful to shock the examined ones with closed doors, policemen and severity? It is a rhetorical question, is it?

This Ramadan, the Algerian Djamayi theater association came up with the second edition of Ashor al Ashar (The Algerian King of Ashor the 10). The comedy show takes us to an imaginary Algerian kingdom in which the king and the royal court are playing the real governmental “sovereignty”. The whole show is written in codes which refer to the reality – shocking the people of Algeria that “these guys are very very courageous speaking against the system”. However, Ashor – the king and his royal ministers are speaking in the Algerian dialect that brings comedy into the serious situations such as in “cheating on BAC at Ashor”.

In the baccalaureate episode, the students cheated in any way, using pigeons or sharing information. Especially, the royal court’s students tried to cheat the more- but at the end everybody failed because that time the baccalaureate was based on the accurate knowledge that students should have. The people got mad having no BAC, so Achor made a speech for them: “Alright, everybody gets his BAC, no matter of their level, but then I ask the question what are you going to do with it? Your king, general and other rulers have no BAC either.” hahaha… This is the real truth.

So, this is the cause of having no internet these days (not as if there would be a big difference between having blocked internet and having slow Algerian interner that “works” “correctly”.)
My first observation in Algeria that “there is no internet, so I should stop thinking about online video games and torrenting movies like in Europe”. Hahaha, sad.

Best scene from Ashor X: After BAC exams, the display results were announced by an old granpa whose name is “website”, it took days in the kingdom to wait for the “Website” to come in and tell the grades. Hahaha.


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