Movie Critics: Baby Boss

As usually, I’ve started the weekend with a movie-night. Tonight’s movie was brought by the DreamWorks studio – Yes… – it’s been an animation movie called Baby Boss. Personally, I prefer animation movies to action movies, and I’ve got a long list of reasons why:
Action movies always have the same theme and scenes with the revenging armed hero, hot girl, bad guys who can’t aim and the tons of explosives; whereas, animation movies always have some surprises. Animation movies are not so aggressive and they have interesting moral for children as well as for adults. Indeed, the animation movies nowadays have really scientific themes such as the Pixlar’s “Inside out” which draws down the whole Mental Language and Emotion Homunculi of the brain.

Similarly, the Baby Boss is built on a deep social phenomena which is the conflict between the young kid and his new-born brother. In social-darwinism, the jealousy of the kid against the baby can be derived from the jealous animal cubs whose instincts feed the fear of getting starved by the other new-comer cubs. So, the fighting between the baby and the older siblings is totally natural. While the older ones have thinking mind and force to fight the baby, the babies have cuteness and annoying voices to control the oldest ones, the parents.

In the movie, the former parent-controlling ability of the baby is interpreted as he is born boss, coming only for ruining the young kid’s beautiful life full of playing with the parents. The hypothesis says that there are babies who are born to be cute babies, creating nice family atmosphere, while other babies are born to be bosses, controlling the world of babies and the world of adults.

The seven-years old Tim is full of imagination. Literally, he experience the whole baby-welcoming as a mission in which he deals with the baby CEO to help him investigating on the puppies’ cuteness in order to get rid off each other. However, during the mission, the two enemies learn what is a hand-in-hand brotherhood and they get… [Spolier Alert]: I enjoyed the movie very much and I recommend you by my grading->
Imdb grade: 6.4/10

My grade: 8/10

The movie is very funny, hyper cute and instructive in manner of implied social moral that is “acceptance” is better than jealousy.

Best Scene:
Tim decided to prove to his parents that the baby boss is talking! So, he made up a spy set to record a “baby-business-meating”, but he got spotted and a big race started for the cassette. The funny part is that the perspective of the babies and Tim is like an action movie’s scenes; whereas, the neighbour parents see the kids playing calmly in the garden. Hahaha


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