Feeding Poor in Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of cleaning one’s sins by fasting and doing good things in the name of Allah. What could be one of the best things to do than serving food voluntarily in the time of iftar (meal) to poor people and everybody whom is in need. This is why I helped one of the hundred associations in Algeria to serve food with them, helping them in the kitchen and in the preparation.

In every Algerian city, you can find one or two volunteer reataurant (mata3m al-Rahma) in which the youth of the society prepares and serves food for everybody who may be poor, worker, traveller or just like the food of the restaurant.

The meal of the charity restaurant is similar to the one you can see in every home during Ramadan : BOUREK, SHORBA, MEATS, SALAD, FRUITS AND DESSERT. 

My job in this voluntary action has been cutting the meat, vegetables, fruits and helping in the kitchen as a second chef while the others prepared the tables, chairs and the clean floor.

Voilá the famous disc of bread of Algeria, the matloa3. I wish every poor around the world gets a better situation soon, but what is more important (since poverty never disappears) that the people start helping poor that is one of the main pillars of Islam.


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