​Summer Gaming

Finally, we are on holidays! My brother and I have a hard military-like daily schedule at home; during the week, we have no television, no computer, no mobile or psp games, NOTHING. This sacrifice is for the better studying and for the better self-discipline. My general principle defending our manner says that: video-games and Tv-shows have no benefits, but they distract the attention from being active in real life. For instance, reading only one chapter from any book is much better than watching the whole movie of that book. Also, studying grades you more in any situation than 4999 coins in Sonic the Hedgehog. Without doubt!

However, television and games are good for relaxing and letting out the stress of the week. This is why, the movies and games are allowed on weekends, except of PC video games. Why? While you get bored after 2 hours of playing mobile games (doing nothing = relaxing physically and mentally), PC video games take days with their story-line and empty tasks such as running from Stormwind (human capital city) to Ogrimnar (Orc capital city) = 1 hour walking. Such video games make you addicted, then its addiction makes you mentally and physically sick in anti-socialism, over-weighting and insomnia. Pc games are for someone who has too much time to kill… not for students or intellectuals. So, during the school year there are only some mobile games and movies in foreign languages.

What about summer? Summer… That means two months of free-time! Here, I can’t say no to my little brother for playing some video games. Why? Because it is “the reward-part” of my reinforcement in which the student doesn’t think about games since it is not the right time for that; however, at the right time (that is summer) he should get its reward; of course, it is beside reading and doing sport without creating anarchy. I’m not sure if I am doing right with the Behaviorist-military program that is quite different than the carelessness of the majority, but I had been an addicted gamer, so I can tell that success is coming with sacrifices.

Elders Scroll V: Skyrim

Playing mage with double hand.


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