End of 3 years: Ceremony

Today, I attended my first scholar-year ending ceremony in Algeria. Without doubt, this experience was totally different than the other ones in Hungary; however, I am not sure why it was so different. For sure, the Algerian ceremonies are different since it invites only a small number of elites related to the university, then it starts with Quranic recitation and nationalist expressions, but it’s not all about the nation… I myself am different as I see…

In Hungary, I always skipped such ceremonies because I was totally careless about my future. Similarly, I am still careless in the most case; however, I’ve got some ambition during my life in Algeria. Why? Maybe because I changed my study field to the one I love, languages. Maybe because I feel it a duty to deserve the change of my life concerning rejoining to Islam and rejoining to my Origin country Algeria.


Thus, in an ambitious aspect, this visit at the ceremony was like a little lost in my life since I finished the third student. Although, I was quite happy too, having a good friend of mine winning the major award because I am sure that she deserves it more than me. Why? Because the 60% of the deeds I perform is in order to kill time and skip the lifetime between my birth and my death. Whereas, knowing the winner girl, she really deserves the first place for her REAL ambitions and hard work. :3

So, today I lost and I won, and I won more than I lost. A better work and future will be waiting for me and the others inshallah. 


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