​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)

​Horror Critics: Rings (2017)

The Ring is a horror movie series beneath which I grew up; when I have watched it, it didn’t scare me out of my skin; however, it caused me an eternal shiver around disturbing videos and their following phone ring saying: “7 days” – just as my friends and I used to prank each other.

Tonight, I watched the newest film of the fanous Ring-trilogy in which Samara is giving goosebumps as usual. I guess, there’s nobody who wouldn’t have heard about the Ring movies; however, there are less who know about the Japanese movie of Ringu that is the origin of the American one. To be honest, the Ring movie can thank its success to the Japanese origin which in contrary to American horrors, is based on the psychological background rather than the jumpscares and bloody scenes.

The Ring movies in general are one of my best ones for their dark atmosphere around “running from death”. The story is well implied: Samara, who had been an ill-omened girl as living, died in suffering from terror. The last thing she had done as living, recording and cursing her suffer in a disturbing video-tape that causes death in seven days to whom has watched it, only if he makes a copy of it in order to make Samara’s story ever-living. The stupid ones die fast, while the intelligent ones run investigation on Samara’s shocking story and save their life. All three movies had three kinds of people watching the cursed video:
1. The brave and stupid ones who challenge their fate.
2. The one who watches it for a beloved one.
3. The one who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Rings (2017) is starting giving us all three type. Indeed, there is a complete scientific team working on the case of Samara and her victims’ supernatural experience. Something new here is a “video in a video” effect that was caused because of a girl has already met Samara because of her boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s activity around the Samara-team.

Without any spoiler, the movie is full of supernatural and disturbing effects (raining backwards, dying horses, birds, embryos; and illusions that are made by Samara for giving preview of the vicitms’ new home. In addition, the groovy dialogues unwrapping the film’s story were connected with American jumpscares and psychologically disturbing illusions between past-imagination-and-reality.

Overall, I liked the movie so much because it brings us the usual disturbance of the Ring 1 and 2 mysteriously spycing it with the origin twisting background of Japanese Ringu around Samara’s mother. Also, the movie is still full of symbolic elements that recall superstitious omens just as the balck cat, dead animals and the ladder next to the wall. I’ve recognized a picture in the movie in which a snake bites its own tail forming a ring that symbolizes the end, similarly to the movie that should end the Ring series.

Favorite Scene:

Similarly to Ring 2, the obsessively investigating protagonist finds herself threatened by the supernatural evil as Samara counts the days and shows her pictures about her story as well as by the humane evil as Samara’s father tries to kill Julia to hide the dirty past.

Imdb grade: 4.5/10

My grade: 8/10


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