Thug life ​Quranic competition

In Algeria during the month of Ramadan, every mosque creates a competition for children and adults to memorize Quran. The event focuses children in most who have to memorize 1 – 2 – 5 or 10 hizb from the Quran that means long pages (10-20), in fact, the quantity is based on the quality of the mosque. For example, in our neighborhood there is only a little mosque; if somebody has memorized many ahzab, they should go to a bigger neighbour mosque for the better rewards.
Every year we participated in this religious and social event; however, last year I felt tired, so I skipped it and left it only to my little brother. Actually, I kept learning at home and helped my brother so much; thus he was the best student as usual. Bam-bam-bam; what happened on the rewarding ceremony! He had been waiting for his name from the 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd… Wait.. 2nd.. Wait for it… 1st and his name was not mentioned at all.. But mine was mentioned as an extra-award! For God Sake!
I recieved the award with some bad gesture that I got because of the living scandal about I am from Europe. Then, I escorted my little crying brother home without any gift.. That night, my father made a ferocious rage against the team of the mosque who just give gifts for their friends and for the blue eyed kids without knowledge. Next day, they called my brother discretely and gave them a Quran as if a gift… They worth nothing.
This year, they started to beg for us to sign in to the competition as if they compensate us… But I kept saying them inshallah… Indeed, I wanted to sing in somewhere else; however, I had no time for their game.
Last night, the rewarding ceremony was held in the mosque that my brother and I didn’t attend but took a big amount of cake and a dozen of soda sitting outside the mosque and laughing on the none-sense gifting system: A kid who never saw the mosque -ya3ni- he plays table soccer every prayer time got the thirs position. Hahaha…

So, we played thug life there and the others remarked us, but they knew that it is just political diplomacy in social life alias thug life.
#What goes around, comes around


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