Three Days Grace: Eid el Filter

The Ramadan is over – may Allah accept our fasting, prayer and patiance during this month. After steady work, we can wait for compensation… So, this is the time for celebration = Eid. Namely Eid el Fitr which is understood differently in every country.

In Islam, it is an obligation to be happy, be an active member in the Muslim brotherhood and greet your brothers and sister even if you had problems or you are tired and sleepless from Ramadan and Eid-preparation. Personally, I was a living-dead from re-painting and re-cleaning the whole house in the last 3 days of Ramadan to accept the coming guests as family members with their numerous children and the neighbours.

I prayed Fajr at 4.30 o’clock and was up at 5.30 to take a shower for Salatul Aid, a long early prayer in which everybody wears white and chants “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar – La ilaha ill Allah. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar – Wa lillahi lHamd”. After the prayer, the whole mass started to greet each other in hugs and kisses even while going home and wishing that Allah may accept our fasting, may forgive us and may provide them to us next year Inshallah.

The other characteristics of Eid is “family visiting”, “children toys”, “clothes” and “tons of cookies”.

Eid el Cookies (Gatawat)

Eid el Children (Drari)

Eid el Pistols (Qwabas)

Eid el Clothes (Libsa)

Eid el Family (a3yla)

Even if it has been hellish hot outside when we visited the family members one by one, the noise of thr happy children and the family jokes are priceless. May God provide every Muslim with more and more such day, what to say.

Nostalgia: three days grace-fallen angel (–OQY)


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