​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen

​Computer investigation: who kill(s) the screen

File name: Screen Serial Killer
The Case: The first incident occured one year ago in summer time. The witnesses experienced the sudden death of the screen that was caused by the turning off monitor – confirmed by the home-specialist. After the first case, there occured more and more incident in which the screen turned dead and never came back until turning the monitor on again. The mystery in the case is that the game kept running meanwhile the video went away and came back again.

The most suspicious person is the graphic card who may be kill the screen by overheating.

The second participant is the old monitor which can hold some mental disorder killing the screens one by one without any suspicion on him.

Then, the third suspect is the power supply who can work with card graphic, stinting the power from the card graphic and killing the screens in a crime organization.
Counter acts:

One year ago, we installed a overheating-checking security software. The issue kept active, but decreased in some mysterious way.
This summer, the dead screens made us to start opening a budget on the case; I bought a fan for 1000 dinars and I opened the spot location, the pc unity for a better airing system…

Hopefully, we can filter put the first suspect like that, we can play again in peace, without being afraid when the monitor will shut down.


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