​Reading and Preparing to Trawell

After Ramadan, I enjoyed 4 days of devouring cookies and soda in any time I wished… As if a prisoner would have let out to the free space, running from’and-there in craze. As the first program, I had a great bicycle trip with my brother, visiting onr of my aunt in the mountains. It was quite refreshing to stop drinking whenever we wanted or to eat little piece of chocolates. 😅😅

After we came back, we’ve got a good news… My brother got his visa that I demanded for him to visit Hungary with me. So now, we have a short week to prepare our baggage of clothes, devices, books and gifts! Talking about books, I am delighted to read for fun finally!! During Ramadan, I would feel myself guilty reading horror and crime stories instead of Quran… Ça colle pas. But I was in real need of some leisurely reading. So, now I am spending my 6 fasting days (supplementary patient fasting after Ramadan) with reading shivering stories. 

Also, I am planning what I am going to read during the one month holidays in Hungary.. Without doubt, I won’t have too much time to read.. But I prepared a linguistic book in French and another of Agatha Christie. 😝

Favorite Story Part: The journalist who decided to spend a day in the Waxhouse was found dead sitting before a waxfigure of Dr Bardoutte who used to kill by hypnotising their victims with his killing eyes. 👀😏


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