​Hungarian Holidays: First Day

One month of adventures has begun.

So, I’ve come to Hungary again to visit my mom and my country… but this time I took myself my little brother who enjoys hid first trip abroad, in Europe- in the country of Budapest.

We woke up early and we found our package ready to go since we have prepared it about 4 days before… Taking about one baggage of gifts (flip flops, parfumes and dates) and 3 bagges of our clothes with devices…

At the airport we said hi to our dad in Algiers.

We had a little problem at the boarding because the plane wanted to take off at 8.30 instead of 9.00, so I and about 10 others made a strike against the French lines of Lyon and Charleroi for getting some minutes and another bus taking us to the plane… Finally on the plane, I enjoyed some thriller reading and my brother played some games.

We had an awesome lunch there… Then landed with the mass of people.

At the airport of Budapest, after a little search and after the goodbye waving from our Algerian brothers and sisters I met my mom with my cousin waiting for us. We visited grandma, then we went home. At grandma, my brother tasted what is that feeling when you don’t understand anything, you can’t reply anything, but everybody is talking about you in seizure of novels… This is how I did learn Arabic hahaha…

We finished the day praying at home, having a short walking in my village (Gyöngyössolymos), and watching some English movie channel on the digital tv.

We already have got some lunch invitation. We already had to avoid the first Haram-Chicken food from grandma. I have many paperwork to do… Downloading movies and every thing that is missing from Algerian daily life… Visiting places.. But these are the music of the future inshallah.


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