Hungarian Holidays: Second Day

One month adventure has begun.


So, my little Algerian brother and I arrived in peace to Hungary Hamdullah – thanks God… After the first night, I woke up early to wake my mom up for work; she must go to work at 4 o’clock. Poor mom, the company gave her no free days in this month to enjoy the full time with us… This is the Hungarian severity in matter of business: You do a mistake, it’s your last mistake. You must follow everything what the boss says..
Nevermind, I got up early at 7 o’clock, taking a shower with music from pc as in the old time; however, I won’t repeat it again because it wasn’t a good idea as it was early earlier. I had some European bio-breakfast from Cereal Milk and Nesquik, then my brother woke up too at 8 o’clock.


After having our quick breakfast, we left home to start our adventure with a “short program” of checking the city of my village. The CITYY OF MY VILLAAAGE? I say this because my village’s name is Gyöngyössolymos (The Pearly Hawk) and ITS town is Gyöngyös (The Pearl) which has many other villages: Gyöngyöshalász (The Pearly Fishing), Gyöngyöspata (The Pearly Horseshoe)…

These names are from the ancient feudal years where a major held one big major and many other little villages around it that functioned only for one thing like my village that had hunting hawks.


We were late for the 9:41 bus, so I decided to walk instead of waiting one hour… The distance between the town and the village is about 2 kilometers; however, people looked at us as like doing a bloody sin – walking to the town in the fresh air. This is the stupid logic of Hungarians: If there is a mean of transport, you must take it or wait it… No, I won’t wait, neither I will do what society orders.


In the city, we visited the plaza and official place for doing some paperwork. Paperwork in Hungary takes 10 minutes, not 10 hours like in Algeria hahaha. In the Plaza, I bought a very very awesome book I am so happy for this since the movie has changed a bit my life… The Fight Club in which the protagonist questions the modern material life and tries to change it to live live live.



Then, we had a lunch with a traditional Hungarian food – the Lángos, and we visited some nice places in the town. After that, being late again from a local bus to the supermarket, we walked again.


Arriving home, we had a rest with pc – some mobile games and one of my favorite Hungarian chocolates the Pöttyös túrórudi.


Our rest was crowned with some playing in the little stream in front of my house before the daily evening storm came… but about this I will write next time. The days are going quick, hot, tiring, living, awesome… Hamdulillah



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