Hungarian Holidays: Nature vs Concrete

I skipped 2 days without blogging about the happening adventure in Hungary. In the last two days, my brother and I visited the forest and the highest mountain of Hungary – Mátra (1014m). Actually, we are living in the leg of the mountain, so we took only one bus to reach the entrance of the forest and we started to climb-jump-walk and run upto the top of the mountain Kékestető /Blueroof/. It was a long and tiring 10-kilometers-trip in the woods; however, whole Hungary is a huge forest, so if you don’t visit one of its woods, then you didn’t visit Humgary itself at all.




We had a hot summer weather, but in the shade of the mountain and its streams, it was comfortable and fresh following the woodmarks that take you to different towns and campings inside the forest. Among the high trees, you hear nothing, but the silence that is the sound of tranquility with the sound of the streams.



Aaaand today, we checked Budapest – the capital of Hungary for a quick visit. To compare the two days briefly, I can say it was like from the jungle to the concrete jungle since Budapest is very huge and complex with its transport. In fact, you can’t get anywhere in Budapest only by the combinations of Tramways, Subways and Buses which are like the marks on the trees:



A couple of significant things during this short visit in Budapest:


1.: The amount of senseless red lights is too damn high!


2. Bookshops are everywhere, even as a movingmarket selling for cheap. Indeed, people read books even while standing and waiting for bus!!!


3. In the Mosque of Budapest, the Muslim are very kind – asking about you in any language, helping you and in my special case, waiting for you with Afghan milky tea and arab bread with chicken. May God Bless them.


However my visit was a day long, I had administrative work on the consulate and stuffs, so I couldnt visit my friends, nor my family members, nor some places. So, I must return some times!


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