Hungarian Holiday: Never home

About one week has passed away without typing a word in the blog; however, it is due to my awesome programming. Every day, we wake up early -> have a light breakfast -> take the bus or have a 20 mins walk to the city of my village. My little brother enjoys the new European sweets and foods, the warm weather and the new places with interesting Christian building styles like palaces, castles, churches and cathedrals. The little buddy every day meets many people, so he can practice his Hungarian language as well as he can see that Islam is not blended to a nation, but it is a matter of choice. Speaking about religion, he daily sees people drinking beer wearing an underwear or going half nude to do the shopping, especially the girls wearing a quarter t-shirt and a half underwear outside. However, he’s seen many of my muslim friends in the mosque of Budapest who lives on halal and on respect of Allah.

Thus, my program contains the discovery of new things in Hungary, new and halal foods, sufficient sport and the time for prayers. Usually, we miss the Dohr (noon prayer), may God have mercy on us and all muslims.

Our so-far programs in a nutshell:
Having great breakfast at home.

Occasionally having good breakfast in a cafeteria.

Doing some shopping or going to such places as cinema as a light program.

After a light half-day program, I enjoy preparing and having lunch with mom as if in the old days.

Every second or third day contains a bigger program going somewhere further just as visiting an Adrelaring parks, Zoos, Museums or big “castle-cities”.

Also, there are times for family and friends whom I should meet calling back the old days and inviting them to Algeria, if they just get fed up with the daily life. Of course, these visits are also touristical visiting to my brother, just as meeting my “Hatvan-friends” or spending a night in Budapest at my friend. :3

At night, we always play a little game (hitman absolution and league of legends), then we watch some movie or series such as the third season of Flash and the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

And finally, there are some days which seem we don’t have program since we just stay at home, geek on pc and play tennis in the garden; however, these lazy days are indeed in the program as our resting day.



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