Review: The Flash S3

Well, well, well… OR I should say Wells Wells and Wells!


I just finished the last season of The Flash super-series in which we can meet The Flash facing our new enemy, our new Doctor Wells and the old stupid logic of the previous seasons.


Since I am writing for first about The Flash, I may present Barry Allan who is the fastest man alive (however, in the series he is only rarely the fastest man alive).  Also, Barry Alan – taken from the comics – has a serious super-love with the journalist Iris West and has indeed a couple of friends just as the Kid-Flash. Though, as you can see, The Flash Comics and The Flash Series have only some slight kinds of relation. In fact, the comics is the original and more organized one; whereas, the series only has taken the idea of the flash in which Barry Allan faces human problems like making friends, relationship and getting used to his powers. In contrary to the series, the comic-Flash gets rid off bad guys in solo or sometimes with some super-companions showing off the infinite speed.


Thus, the Flash series is totally different from the Comics:

  1. In comics, there’s no such friendy-friendy Team Flash. No team at all!
  2. There are no speedsters daily hooshing by Barry. The Flash is the fastest man alive!
  3. There is no Queen Irin West, the black Aphrodite. She is just Barry’s finacée – lately wife.


Anyway! It is just natural while watching a series that is not like reading the comics. The studio is absolute right to change; indeed, we should get some modern stuff that fixes to our media world. So let’s see what we had so far:

maxresdefaultThe Flash Season 1: Barry Allan gets superspeed to save her dead mother in the past; however, it obviously screws up the current time-line, but it is not a problem because the NOT-REAL evil Doctor Wells leads everybody as he wants. (He is faster than Barry because he is stealing his power… hmm) Iris West becomes step-by-step Barry’s girlfriend and Nitro booster.

flash2231The Flash Season 2: In the last season, Barry opened many dimension portals to different parallel worlds. From one of them, a new hyper-super fast villain – The Zoom who comes out playing pika-boo in Central city. The “real” Doctor Wells of WORLD-2 is coming to their help and everything gets fine. But! Barry Allan doesn’t like happy ends…



And here we go… The Flash Season 3 in which Barry Allan goes back to past again and saves her mother again creating a Flashpoint dimension that changes everything; indeed, from the other real timeline one of his time-breaking clone stayed alive and came back to revenge by creating the dark future of Flash in which Iris West dies. HUHHH… Believe me guys, this is the best way to explain the series because it is fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy…


Watch out. The Flash Series tries to give us the SCIENCE OF STUPID, giving us something logical with a very-very complex illogical dressing that is lately covered by “SCIENCE”. For example, let’s take as fact that you can run so fast that you get back to past. Okay? Okay. Then, in an actual fight you run three times back to past to make clones in the present. What?! I said just say Okay! Okaaaaaay. These clones just died like holograms without any feelings. Okay. But one stayed alive and turned into villain having every movements of the future Barry and rewriting the present and future. HAAAA??


The only correct question that questions likely the whole series: WHERE WE LOST THE LOGICAL THREAD?
The answer: In time-travel. Time travel is the part of the series from the first season where Barry gets knowledge about his mother death was caused by a speedster. The series takes the law of “an eye for an eye”… So, if you speed into my past, I can spit into your past too…

This is so BAD!
Just watch Back to the Future!!!
The Timeline is not a game like on Facebook!
You can’t go back and back and back to correct the past.
For God’s Sake.


Here, coming back to the comics, Flash cannot go back to the past without responsible helper. Consequently, there are no illogical changing in future => The Future is like the way it is, that is called FATE. Also, as the most superheroes, he sacrificed his normal life for saving people, not to get friend team and Romeo and Rhianna. I’m sorry. I’m not racist even if only a little bit… but why the hell the series changed the white Iris West into black Iris for the series… This is my biggest and most scientific question of the series after watching 23 episodes of “The Flash Season 3 – Iris West must live even if I merge realities and timelines…”

There are also some illogical things, like Flashes from other Worlds and Kid-Flash beating The Flash who should be the fastest man alive….. but you know what? Who cares… I started watching the series because I like DC, Marvel and superheroes… I just got what I was waiting for… DC and superheroes in a big punch of soap-opera souce of friendship and love. My self-advice is that… just start reading the comics RATHER!







To finish positively the post, I can recommend THE FLASH for the other DC-hero series such as THE ARROW, SUPERGIRL, THE LEGENDS which contain also cool effects and actions… as well as… series-souce. 🙂



Barry Allan finally has changed the past; he got back to the room where his mother died, but before the killer could kill her he took him to the future and locked into a home-prison with his mother’s chicken soup. This lovely hosting was occuring only for a couple of months, because [surprisingly] the present drastically changed. So, Allan started to beg the villain like “Please, I take you back, kill my mother if you don’t mind.” Omg.


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