​Hungarian Holidays: The Troll Guide

Alrightithen, this will be the last week of my holidays in Hungary with my brother and mother. We spent gorgeous time here, visiting noice places, eating interesting foods and having a loooot of fun. As the nice places were brought by the old Hungarian culture of horsing-and-archery, the fun was mainly brought by me, the clown.

The most people knowing me call me dangerous for my unbounded humour that is as much verbal as physical. In most cases, people think I am just mad doing whatever I want or doing unusual things. A few people may think that I am looking for audience, but they’re so few indeed; since the things I usually do are so unusual for anybody. I hate social norms, rules and laws; however, I like changing perspectives of observing world, reorganizing social habits and breaking the routin of mine as well as others’.
In fact, the whole life is just a big bunch of experience… So, why should I do the same again and again? Why should I repeat the same habits that I have seen? If life is experience, then experience is LIFE. If I change the habits, doing new things, I got new experience!! In this aspect, I am living through having fun. And those who are afraid of breaking the general rules like wearing socks with flipflop are…  DEAD already. Haha.



After the little philosophy, here’s a little 10-steps tourist guide based on my craziness in Hungary. 😀



I. Everywhere. Selfie. Everywhere with everyone.

II. Everywhere selfie. Even in toilets.


III. Or in elevators.


IV. Or make selfie with stuffed animals.


V. Or stuffed humans for extra points.


VI. But if there’s no stuffy things, just imitate statues.


VII. In the city, visit the pea market and bargain.


VIII. But after leave the city for the peace of the nature.


IX. Around water you find peace, but don’t trust anyone.


X. Never forget that trolls remain trolls, even in a labyrinth. :O




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