Hungarian Holidays: Toothfairies

Hungary as a country is famous for the castles and adrenalin parks; however, we are also famous all over the world for our dentists. Patiens are coming from every corner of Europe and America to get cured for cheap prices with good quality beside having a lovely touristic time. As a tourist in my own country, I must use this advantage.



In fact, I had a very evilly bad tooth hiding right-side in my upper corner of my mouth. This little devil started to give me pain before Ramadan and ruined my whole fasting-month, starting to hurt every time I got some hot or warm into my mouth. Imagine you eat nothing whole day and the moment when you could take a goos warm soup to yourself a bad tooth ruins your appetite. It is evil indeed.

Actually, I thought to visit an Algerian dentist, but the pain was much better than getting tricked by an Algerian dentist. My personal experience of them is few, but the people’s speech is enough to scare me away. Honestly, it happened to me to visit an Algerian dentist who made a huge crater from a little hole and filled it badly in 5 minutes, then next day when it fell out I couldn’t find her. Damn her. That tooth must wait about a year to come Hungary again and get repaired after what it remained well. Yaay! Hamdullah. Also, my father went to the dentist with his hurting tooth and the “doctor” pulled a good tooth out. Oh my God! Guys! Stay away from Algerian dentists.


But the dentist doesn’t have to be Algerian to get hated… there is a worldwide negative campaign against dentists of any country. Why? It is kinda obvious… who likes that a stranger’s sometimes smelly fingers are diging in your mouth with most cases with a fine pain. (Except of pornstars, but it’s their “job”) awh.


So I have just visited 3 times my village dentist in Hungary. This is crazy! They are the opposite of the Algerian one… If you go to an Algerian dentist with a problem, he is doing something quick to get rid off you quickly. In contrary to Hungary, I visited the doc with my evil upper tooth and she loves working in such a fever that she gave me 3 visits for 9 teeth filling and one pulling. Oh God have mercy on me! Indeed, that female trickster let the pulling for the last day and last moment to be sure I will come for the torturing appointments. Hell! No doubt, dentist are macons with PhD! Even if they’re doctors, their style is purely rude.

Give me a steel clip, another, another. Injections here and here and there. Oh it still hurts? How about two more injections? Turn your head right and left and up and down or I will just slap you, how about that?! You satan! >_>
Then, bring the hammer, bring the engraver, hit it more, burn that filling more! Omg it burns me too, you sheep!

Allah forgive me. They’re evil! Haha. Hamdullah it’s over, hamdullah my tooth-rows are fine. Thanks God, but it was a nightmare indeed.

Worst moment: My mouth is clipped out. Even if I have a vacuum in my mouth for saliva, it is running out onto my neck and closing my mouth from breathing. Then then the doc starts to drill my tooth that is strongly blowing bone pieces into my nose, so I am unabled to breathe anyhow. Maybe from my ears, but can hear only that: ziiiiiiiiiiii. Damn it.

Funniest moment: Once, I made laughe the whole waiting room full of snob Hungarians who are famous of not laughing. I made an amazing word play when they lost the order of visit and they all wanted to enter in the very moment. Of course it is impossible; however, the snob language has no such expression to tell them: Omg, watcha doing you crazy?!
So I saved the moment with a joke. “Somebody wants something eagerly= Somebody’s tooth is hurting for somebody.” As a truly linguist I shot them with a nice joke that sounds like that “Mindenkinek egy vizitre fáj a foga, úgy látom.” = I observe that everybody’s tooth is hurting for a visit. 🙂 😀


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