Hungarian “Hacked” Holidays


Here we go again… Only 2 days left from the holidays in Hungary. During the month, I had an awesome time of strengthening family relationships just as visiting “new” family members whom I haven’t known yet – far cousins. This family-visiting is a typical Muslim habit that I am proud of. Also, I refreshed friendships and made new friends. Then, I spent peacful time in the nature, gaming with pc and staying long hours in bed to have a long rest contrasted to the recent university-year that was quite tiring. Univ-magazine, remaining the best, pressure of a job, etc…

However, every coin has another side and every yin has a yang; I had bad moments during my holidays. To talk less, I’d like to make a list of the 3 worst moments:

The Three Worst Experience in Hungary

THIRD: My Zombie Brother


The main cause of coming to Hungary is to visit my mom whom I haven’t seen for a long year. Although, I brought my little 12-years old brother with me to have a great holiday as first-time in Europe. I had a big expectation that is my fault in which I thought that Abdou as a little child will be hyperactive and interested to everything new. In contrast to my expactation, he was a zombie during the whole holidays, having active moments either very rarely or due to my oppression that is very lame.

A hungarian proverb:
“Nem eröszak a disznótor.”
(The feast is not oppression.)

Of course, I tried to approach him psychologically and giving him what he wants (coke, chocolate, light-badminton aaaand pc-games).

SECOND: European stone-heart


It will sound quite pre-judging because it is pre-judging: Europeans and especially Hungarians have frozen-heart. The very general trait of Hungarians is the “antipathy” that means: EVERYBODY WHOM I DON’T KNOW IS SUSPICIOUS. It can be turned out into general grumpiness or racism.

One of the most unfriendliest moment is when my brother got a call from the nature in the city and I didn’t find 100-forint coin to enter the public toilet. I tried the first shop there if they could change a 200-forint coin into two pieces of 100-coins. The answer was a cold and clear “NO.” I tried the second which was the same. The third one lied to me that they don’t have coins. Ok. It was not surprising to me at all as a Hungarian ex-inhabitant, but my brother’s situation kept me moving. So, I tried to buy something from somewhere. I entered a shop in which the cashier’s desk was full of 4×10 one hunder coin-columns. LOVELY. I bought some sweets and treaties for home, then I went to pay. At first, the grumpy woman was looking me sharply for speaking foreign language and she wasn’t replying to me until she finished puting the coins ooooone by oooone into the cashier. Then, my bill said aboit 1800 forint so I gave a 2000 and asked that I would like to get two one hundred coins. She coldly said: “no, I don’t have any.” Here I got surprised: But I’ve seen them (during 2 mins when you were counting you cunt.) “Hah! You think I’ll give them to you when I am praying whole day for them?!”

And here I set my teeth holding back thousands of insults from that unbeliever grumpy sorcerer…  Welcome in Hungary.



The worst thing that ruined my wonderful days is a person: Juhász János. Actually, he was one of the cause why I wanted to visit Hungary, to get back the 500€-value package that he took away from my mother… that he actually stole.

Background: The guy was a new husband of my ex-classmate whom I met last year. I met her wife passing by my city and we were good friend so she called me for a coffee. I declined a couple of times, but then I couldn’t say no, so I visited them with a family-sized cake. I had a long talk with their little girl, my ex-classmate and János. I had a quite interesting talk with him since he liked science and new things. In fact, he showed me some 2 meter long snakes and spiders that was quite creepy as well as his talking about his old “alcohol or drug” problems. Who knows. We moved apart and I got back to Algeria.

Juhász János the trickster: Once upon a time, János told me that he wants to visit Algeria in the following 3 months. I must present the Arab-Muslim heartful welcoming and I told it to my family who accepted him as a “future-guest”. I told him that he shouldn’t worry about staying in hotel or paying on food because we’ll hospitalize him. Then, he started talking about that he would like to enter Islam and he is checking prayer-times that sounded interesting. Afterward, it just sounds creepy: Why you say it??? I invite you even if you are a jew or gypsy, for God’s sake! The problem is that he looked serious because after a while he sent me an actual date when he’ll come. To use this opportunity, I told mom to send me via János one of my suit that I forgot in Hungary. But how could I know how a mother is thinking, she secretly prepare and gave away a great package of 500€ value to the trickster Juhász János.


Juhász János the liar: When János got my precious package. He started to prolong his arrival literally from week to week. If I asked him a week, I said the next week. If I didn’t ask for two weeks, then I asked him again, he said the next week again. He kept lying and lying for 2 months until I got fed up and told him that send the package to me by FedEx and I’ll pay it. After that he started to play Mr.Offline. I sent one of my friend to him to take the package and send to me, but he got sent away. NO HOPE. He blocked me on facebook.

The EX: The wife of János was out of this business whole time. The creepy guy told me that he doesn’t want his family to know about his trip, so I didn’t look for them – in fact, I didn’t care at all either. The first time I typed to her wife was when he was unavailable on facebook. I asked her if he knew about the thing, no she didn’t. If she saw a brown suitcase full of treats, yes she had seen it OPENED around Juhász János’s room, but it is gone now. /So you opened it, you little worm./ I asked János again to give my pack bag, then I told her wife the whole story from the beginning. She was sorry and told me she will try to give my package back. Finally, as her “good” husband she kept me saying that she is collecting my stuffs, she is collecting my stuffs, then blocked me on facebook. YAY! Thank you Tomik Alíz. “For good, wait only good… NOT!”

My thoughts: When I came to Hungary, my head was full of shame how I got hijacked, how my poor mom got hijacked, and how all the gifts just got stolen by people WHO ARE SO MUCH RICHER THAN ME AND MY MOM… It is a shame. Shame on humanity. Shame on their Juhász family, a shame on the whole country. They just don’t need that pack… if they would be in need, I had just told them to keep it for God’s sake! Why I am so embarrassed? Because my depressive-schizoid mom kept thinking and worrying about that damn baggage. God have mercy on her.

Juhász János the hacker: When I arrived ro Hungary, I visited theit “old” house where I found János’ mom. She is like a professional spy told me that she knows nothing, she knows nothing, then when I started to tell her the story she told me she knows everything, she knows everything. WHAT THE HELL. I never visited her again because I saw that she was afraid and I am not like János; I don’t want to terrorize any mother of anybody. I tried to skip this story and enjoy my holidays, even if it was quite hard. Then all in a sudden, I remembered that I got Juhász János’ mobile number when he first time told me that he will come. Yay! At least I can ask him how he feels! When I called him from Algerian number he never replied; however, he didn’t know my new Hungarian number so he replied and successfully ignored me again. As a last message I typed him that “I am very disappointed from him.” (no insult)

After 2 days of the sms sent, for the first time in my life, my and my brother’s facebook accounts got hacked through our IP. I skipped this creepy try easily Hamdullah, but how I know that it was him?! Since, I try to be good; I never harm people. Also, I avoid creepy persons like Juhász János; I have enough problem by my own, I don’t need problematic people. Then, János sent me some showing-off pictures that he likes doing amateur hacking on innocent people.


As a conclusion: I offered a stranger that I will host him freely, then I got tricked, robbed, hijacked and hacked. 😀 😀 😀

Advice: Avoid creepy persons!


French proverb:  ” Trop bon trop con. “

(Too good, too dumb.)


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