​Algerian Holidays: Kabylian Mountains and Tadjmia3t

​Algerian Holidays: Kabylian Mountains and Tadjmia3t

The second vacation choice of any Algerian family after the choice of the beach is the “Bled” which means the countryside. The most Algerian have Kabylian / Berber origins, so the ancient countryside means the Kabylian mountains of olive trees and figs. If you go to a big Berber city, you can’t recognize too much differences from the capital, only in the Kabylian language everywhere that is fulfilling the air with Russian-like murmur. However, if you go to the Berber countryside, as if you’ve gone back in time to the ages of Prophets and ancient civilizations. In the Berber Bled, every hill has its own story and own family – so our hill has our family’s long stories, too.

Our maternal Bled is called Boushal that is following the village of Amalo, next to the town of Akbo that is in front of the second bigest Berber touristic capital: Bejaia.

Every bled hides a group of families with their farmhouse, soil and fountain on the mountain. Above all, every hill has its little “Collecting Point”Tadjmia3t where the people spend their whole day if there is no work on the soil or at home. The Tadjmia3ts are built about two or more hundred years ago, from such stones that keep the place always cold and untouchable. People there are talking in Berber language about the agriculture, daily-life and news while they enjoy the chilling shadow during the hot weather of the mountain. Their simple lifestyle recalls me the prophetic ages as well as looking down from the mountain, I imagine the French legions suffering from the Kabylian Martyrs and Partisans of the Bled. Long Live for the Kabylian Lands! :3


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