Teacher’s Path: Wrath and Grace

It is the end of the second trimester in the Algerian national education system. As an English teacher, this moment can be realized as a double-edged sword on me and on my students, asking such questions as... "Whether the good grades of my students do reflect my work or rather their aptitudes?" "Whether the meager … Continue reading Teacher’s Path: Wrath and Grace


Thanks for all Readers and Followers

“..If you give thanks, I will give you more..” Qur'an 14:7 Based on my observation, Allah gives us signs and examples through His words and the animals world. It is so hard to know the right act in every cases... we turn to our friends with family problems, to our family with work-concerned problems and … Continue reading Thanks for all Readers and Followers

Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna

I am a person who finds joy in analyzing people's thinking or - in details - their reasoning of how and why they do a thing. Why people stop at red light and why the light is red anyway... I know, this is a kind of overthinking and philosophizing, but it gives reason to my … Continue reading Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna

Illnesses of an ill-environment

I guess it's been 2-3 weeks that I haven't posted anything. It's not because I have no topic to write about; in contrary, I prepared some interesting themes, but I've been SICK. Firstly, I got microbes in my eye that became red like this: This was the first time that something happens with my eye; … Continue reading Illnesses of an ill-environment

Gallery: My Visual-style Exam Revision

STUDY + DRAWING = FUN ​Just like we all see the world differently, we all learn differently. I learn by a some kind of childish art that helps me to carry on with the boring lectures which are meant to be revised... Collect keywords and connecr them with logical relation, then just draw and clorize them. … Continue reading Gallery: My Visual-style Exam Revision

How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]

Friday. Jumua Mubaraka. While this day for others means a long long sleep until the midday prayer's gathering, concerning me, I woke up early and faced the empty road toward Rouiba to teach my three little bears English. Actually, now I have two -not three, and they are kids -not bears; tho' this is how … Continue reading How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]

The Real Meaning of Fajr for me

Fajr also called dawn prayer, is the first of the five daily prayers of practicing Muslims. [1/5] So, Fajr is among the five obligatory prayer a Muslim should perform daily. It consists of two standing loudly recication from the Quran (Fatiha + another surat), two bows, two prostrations, and one salutation. The time of the … Continue reading The Real Meaning of Fajr for me