A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice

A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice Alrightythen! Today, it's my free day. I woke up early and started to think how to make my day the most beneficial and restful. In the last three days, my shoulder hurting and my jobs as a teacher were pressing me into the edge. So, I … Continue reading A Hungarian dish in Algiers: Lecsó + Perfect Rice


Home-made Waffles

*Waffles! Waffles! Waaaaffles!* Am I the only one who sings it around? Hahaha... I think, there's only a couple of children who hasn't experience the waffle magic. For my childhood, waffles meant the best choice for a breakfast or a snack because of their acceptable price (50 forints or 25 dinars per sack), their light … Continue reading Home-made Waffles

Hungarian Holidays: Over 9000 Calories

It's said that every country has its cuisine with its own culture. I think that it's only partially true because the gastronomy itself holds universal traits everywhere... Once, I shared already this personal observation about international kitchens that every country has its national meat-plate, vegetable-plate, soups which change only in ingredients and other details. Okay, … Continue reading Hungarian Holidays: Over 9000 Calories

Dessert : Bimo Pudding

  The month of Ramadan is a month of worship without doubt; however, the meal is an important part of it, too. The lost energy during the hot daylights should be recovered through only one eating that is not an easy job to anybody.. The chef of the kitchen must come out with a delicious … Continue reading Dessert : Bimo Pudding

Universal Meatballs

Well... I have just met the freedom after the final exams so called "le temps vide" alias empty time. In the very first day, I spent some time on the beach, visiting it on my bicycle, but it was kinda tiring since these days I am fasting for Sha3ban... =as a Muslim preparational fasting for Ramadan … Continue reading Universal Meatballs