Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna

I am a person who finds joy in analyzing people's thinking or - in details - their reasoning of how and why they do a thing. Why people stop at red light and why the light is red anyway... I know, this is a kind of overthinking and philosophizing, but it gives reason to my … Continue reading Daily Brain-Trick: I saved my Tuna


Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction

Double nationality is the favor of belonging to more than one country or nation. Of course, it is only possible with those countries which accept double nationality since there are several nations against this concept of belonging to two countries. Why? Is it possible to be loyal to more than one culture? Is it a … Continue reading Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction

Algeria, The Second Chance

During the five years I have spent in Algeria, I've met many interesting people like me coming from other countries. Regardless which culture they come from, they surely face the first nosey Algerian question: "Why did you come to Algeria???" In the Algerian context, the question is not rude; however, it's quite irrelevant indeed. At … Continue reading Algeria, The Second Chance

Memorizing al-Qur’an

It's been 5 years I joined Islam and I already memorized about 5 ahzab(hizbs) that is about 60-80 pages from the Islamic Holy Book, al-Qur'an. Even if my professional field is English teaching, it is an individual obligation for me and for any Muslim to memorize Quran. Why? [Religiously Speaking] At first, the Sunnah says … Continue reading Memorizing al-Qur’an

Say No to Music

​<< Say No to Music >> - What? Whyyyy? - For Allah. - Huh? It would be so difficult to explain why I stopped listening music... while at the same time, the answer is so easy: in the sake of Allah. The world's population is about 7 billion people. From this, about 2 billion people … Continue reading Say No to Music

International Egoïsm

International egoism is a new concept in my mind. It's not based on any worldwide political research but on my modest observation of the social world of Europe and Africa. I think it's unnecessary to sefine egoism since we all know that it concerns with thinking selfishly, looking the world from an ego-centric point as … Continue reading International Egoïsm

Anti-Money “New Year Oath” on the 5th December

All around the Christian world, there is a New Year Eve related tradition that is called "New Year Oath". New year oath or wishes are usually done in the very first moment of the year [00:00], hoping that the special moment may have a special power influencing the chance that one's wish will be accomplished. … Continue reading Anti-Money “New Year Oath” on the 5th December