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​21 years in Christianity vs 4 years in Islam

I always used to say "religious views are far away from me"; however, the facts are telling the opposite: throughout my life I was born Muslim, became pious Christian, then atheist until I reconverted to Islam 4 years ago. This fuzzy story is the cause of my parents' divorce, having a Hungarian Christian mother and… Continue reading ​21 years in Christianity vs 4 years in Islam

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Wisdom before Tarawih: Don’t Swear

The holy days of Ramadan are passing away quickly. Indeed, this is the month of "Tawba" - Repentance in which one should fulfill oneself with as much faith and divine wisdom as possible. Why-because, during the year we have so little time to spend with religion and worshiping Allah, the Creator and Ruler of worlds.… Continue reading Wisdom before Tarawih: Don’t Swear