Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction

Double nationality is the favor of belonging to more than one country or nation. Of course, it is only possible with those countries which accept double nationality since there are several nations against this concept of belonging to two countries. Why? Is it possible to be loyal to more than one culture? Is it a … Continue reading Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction


Poem: An Exorseized Story

Today, I've got a free day Al-Hamdulillah, so I offered a little time to poemize my last night's nightmare... I've got a nightmare about some JINNS (demons) that was covered by a quite fuzzy and complex situation that I wanted to write a short story about; however, writing short story is so easy compared to … Continue reading Poem: An Exorseized Story

Illnesses of an ill-environment

I guess it's been 2-3 weeks that I haven't posted anything. It's not because I have no topic to write about; in contrary, I prepared some interesting themes, but I've been SICK. Firstly, I got microbes in my eye that became red like this: This was the first time that something happens with my eye; … Continue reading Illnesses of an ill-environment

Algeria, The Second Chance

During the five years I have spent in Algeria, I've met many interesting people like me coming from other countries. Regardless which culture they come from, they surely face the first nosey Algerian question: "Why did you come to Algeria???" In the Algerian context, the question is not rude; however, it's quite irrelevant indeed. At … Continue reading Algeria, The Second Chance

Poem: ​Observe, Believe, Overcome

​Observe, Believe, Overcome It surely happened with all ranks, To wait for a transport- Even with the men of means with Copters, drivers, seaports. We are all tested on our wait, How much is our patience- While waiting for busses, taxes, Standing on train stations. The secret of this waiting is Not a fruit a … Continue reading Poem: ​Observe, Believe, Overcome

Poem: Faux-rest

Faux Rest It happened on a creepy land, Canadian Prairies- A barren, forest, bungalow... Like fur-hunter series. Three lost Murican must stop there, Running out of black oil- Been middle of the only road, You'd face it or recoil? They did not want to leave the car, Checking the bungalow- Tho, none there, they thought … Continue reading Poem: Faux-rest

Gallery: My Visual-style Exam Revision

STUDY + DRAWING = FUN ​Just like we all see the world differently, we all learn differently. I learn by a some kind of childish art that helps me to carry on with the boring lectures which are meant to be revised... Collect keywords and connecr them with logical relation, then just draw and clorize them. … Continue reading Gallery: My Visual-style Exam Revision