Poem: The Beggar

​The beggar In the grey fogs of the cities - Like mushrooms in the moist, There grow beggars in the corners, "Just a penny, sir!" - voiced. You may find them in any genre; Old men next to a jar, Sad blokes without roof nor goods, Lads playing a guitar. All they want is only… Continue reading Poem: The Beggar


​Movie Review: All Eyez On Me (2017)

Yesterday's movie was The All Eyez On Me (2017), a movie representing the famous rap king's - 2pac's life. Honestly, I never liked - never understood 2pac. In my young ages, almost every "cool-kid" was listening to his songs and was talking about him; however, I didn't understand his language and didn't listen to his… Continue reading ​Movie Review: All Eyez On Me (2017)

Journal · short story

Short Story: Sherif on the Train (Voices 2017)

​Today, I got into my hands the copies of the "Voices 2017" book. The "Voices" is a famous Algerian book series containing the works of talented young writers and poets. The series is sponsored by the "Mothakaf Publisher" that aims to find and encourage the young English writers as it has done in the previous… Continue reading Short Story: Sherif on the Train (Voices 2017)