Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction

Double nationality is the favor of belonging to more than one country or nation. Of course, it is only possible with those countries which accept double nationality since there are several nations against this concept of belonging to two countries. Why? Is it possible to be loyal to more than one culture? Is it a … Continue reading Double Nationality: Benefiction / Malediction


Illnesses of an ill-environment

I guess it's been 2-3 weeks that I haven't posted anything. It's not because I have no topic to write about; in contrary, I prepared some interesting themes, but I've been SICK. Firstly, I got microbes in my eye that became red like this: This was the first time that something happens with my eye; … Continue reading Illnesses of an ill-environment

Algeria, The Second Chance

During the five years I have spent in Algeria, I've met many interesting people like me coming from other countries. Regardless which culture they come from, they surely face the first nosey Algerian question: "Why did you come to Algeria???" In the Algerian context, the question is not rude; however, it's quite irrelevant indeed. At … Continue reading Algeria, The Second Chance

Word of the Day:  Lah ybarak (Algerian Derdja)

"Lah ybarak" is one of the first words that I learnt in Arabic, among "Assalamu Alaeikum", "Labas?" and "Hamdullah". These expressions are all part of the Algerian colloquial dialect, the Derdja. In the Algerian Arabic Dialect, Lah ybarak (Allah yabarak - ألله يبارك) literally means "May God grant you with his blessing". This expression is a part of the Algerian daily life and etiquette. "Lah … Continue reading Word of the Day:  Lah ybarak (Algerian Derdja)

Challenging Short Essay for Educational Psychology Exam

Today, I had two exams that dropped up my moral a little bit. In the recent days/weeks/months/years and decades, I've been disappointed of having no challenging questions and studies before me; however, today's exame were quite challenging in a good way. At first, I had Educational Psychology exam that was related to learners's variation and … Continue reading Challenging Short Essay for Educational Psychology Exam

How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]

Friday. Jumua Mubaraka. While this day for others means a long long sleep until the midday prayer's gathering, concerning me, I woke up early and faced the empty road toward Rouiba to teach my three little bears English. Actually, now I have two -not three, and they are kids -not bears; tho' this is how … Continue reading How the year starts [ Learning / Teaching ]

The Real Meaning of Fajr for me

Fajr also called dawn prayer, is the first of the five daily prayers of practicing Muslims. [1/5] So, Fajr is among the five obligatory prayer a Muslim should perform daily. It consists of two standing loudly recication from the Quran (Fatiha + another surat), two bows, two prostrations, and one salutation. The time of the … Continue reading The Real Meaning of Fajr for me